Types of Designer Glass Beads Available

Nearly every jewelry designer out there has had an opportunity of working with glass beads. These are some of the beads that you keep hearing people mention now and then. While there are many different types of beads available on the market, there are good reasons why these types of beads have become a top favorite for many. These beads are usually a transparent and hard object and are strung on a thread in a series to create some beautiful adornments. In other words, you would be correct to say that these beads are usually fabricated from glass for designing some fashionable and fascinating jewelry pieces.

Different types of glass beads

Designer glass beads are a hot pick for many and most people prefer them as they are used for making some of the most decorative ornaments that you have ever seen. The contemporary types of beads are usually acclaimed with some prefixes such as decorative, designer and fancy among others. You will find these beads being sold at pandahall and you can buy them for making all the different types of designer pieces of jewelry that you can ever imagine. The world all over has been admiring these decorative beads due to their uniqueness and ability to make such stunning pieces of jewelry. Here are the most common types that you should consider using:

Frog beads

This particular form of designer glass beads is largely inspired by nature together with the animals found here. If you are someone who gets really fascinated with animals, this is a very perfect design that you should consider using. Most people use these beads for purposes of decoration and you find them in different styles such as a dancing frog, a lily pad and a jumping frog. Many different types of glasses are used to fabricate these beads like furnace, Venetian, lamp-work and handmade beads.

Heart beads

Pandahall also stocks heart beads as well and you will find these ones crafted in different patterns, designs and colors by some of the most proficient and dexterous craftsmen. As you would guess, these beads have a shape corresponding that of the heart and you will be able to find them in some vibrant colors. They are a top pick for various occasions such as Valentine Day and different glasses are used for manufacturing them such as furnace, dichroic, fused, blown and frosted.

Flower beads

Just as you would imagine, these beads have a shape resembling that of a flower and just like flowers, these beads are very colorful, beautiful and lively. Considering their unique flower shape, these beads are very delicate and must be handled carefully. You will find them being used to make various jewelry items such as bracelets and necklaces. These designer beads usually approximate various types of flowers like acorns, lily, sweet pea and ivy.

There are other types of glass beads that you can purchase at pandahall such as butterfly beads and round beads and you can use them for your jewelry making endeavors.

Glass beads are sparkling and glittering and you have all the reasons in the world why you should use them to make your jewelry. At pandahall, you will find these beads and many others as well at fantastic prices.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick