Tuition for LGV Licence from ‘Driving Test Success’

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Managers of haulage companies will be pleased to discover that Driving Test Success, a successfully established and trusted brand, has devised an online solution targeted at LGV learner drivers. The company provides revision aids to help learners pass their Large Goods Vehicle Licence and gain their Initial Driver CPC Card. The company behind the innovation has been helping thousands of students get through their test for almost 20 years; they want to build on this success and make their resources more widely available. Driving Test Success saw the increasing use of online services and software as an opportunity to expand.

Given the dramatic reduction in numbers of new trainee drivers, which has been widely reported, this can only be good news for haulage companies.

What is Involved?

Gaining the relevant qualifications for driving Large Goods Vehicles is not easy and takes much more training and investment than it takes to learn to drive a car. However, with the right support and easy-to-access tools on hand, the confidence of your trainee drivers will rise, which will increase their chance of passing their test first time.

Despite only being launched in April the scheme has become high profile, signing up big names such as Wallace School of Transport, SP Training and Peter Smythe Transport Training. Not only are training schools getting involved but also haulage companies, who are buying up the software direct.

The software’s popularity stems not only from the reputation of its innovators, but also from its ease of use. It has been designed to encourage students and equip them with the skills they need to pass the Multiple Choice Theory Test, the Hazard Perception Test and the Driver CPC Case Study test.

Software Features Include:

DVSA Theory Revision Questions – Every official question written by the DVSA. Students can work through and then check their guesses with the correct answers provided. Explanations are also given.

400+ Hazard Perception Clips – Numerous interactive hazard perception clips, which help with predicting potential scenarios and decision-making.

Mock tests – Unlimited mock tests for trainee drivers to work through.

Case Studies – A huge collection of real case studies, all professionally written with questions.

Progress Monitor – Up-to-date, comprehensive reporting for training schools and pupils as well as managers of haulage companies.

The Highway Code – A digital version of the Highway Code that gives information, advice and all of the rules and regulations that drivers need to adhere to and be aware in order to pass their test and become safe and legal drivers.


So far, the feedback has been very positive, primarily because the package is reliable and proven to be effective. If managers of haulage companies are looking to engage new drivers, they should definitely consider signing up. The monitoring feature of the software allows managers to remain in the picture with regards to how their trainees are getting on. They can then help with any difficulties and manage how individuals are progressing; this great feature also encourages cohesion among staff at different levels.

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