Treat Your Taste Buds with a Holiday to Malaga

What’s on the menu for dinner tonight? If you’re not sure, I’ve got some suggestions for you and they’re all devilishly delicious. However, there is one catch (and it’s not just the catch of the day) – you may have to travel to Spain to try them. Here is a list of some of the absolute best dishes in all of Malaga… and if you’re reading this on an empty stomach, be warned that you may end up booking a flight and Malaga Airport transfer to the nearest authentic Andalusian restaurant.

Porra Antequerana

Porra antequerana is a cold soup (comparable to gazpacho) that is the ideal meal for a hot day. It’s thick, made from generous amounts of garlic, olive oil, paprika and tomatoes and topped with bits of cured ham and hardboiled egg – the perfect light dish to cool you down in the summer heat.

Rabo de Toro

This meal is perfect for adventurous eaters. Rabo de toro, or bull’s tail, is a local delicacy. The tail is cut into large pieces before left to stew for hours in a sauce made of stock, vegetables, tomatoes and red wine. Once the dish is finished, the meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender from the slow cooking, and the textures and rich flavours are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.


Paella is known for being a Spanish favourite, and this is one of the best places in the country to get it as the region’s seafood is exceptionally fresh. This rice-based dish is frequently served as a small tapa, with a slice of bread and wedge of lemon on the side. However, it also makes for an attractive main or aesthetically-pleasing sharing plate, especially when topped with prawns and muscles.

Fritura Malaguena

Since Malaga is a seaside region, it’s known for its seafood – and fritura malaguena is one of the area’s must-trys. The dish comprises of a selection of fried fish served with a lemon wedge and, often, prawns. It’s known for having a tasty contrast of textures: the inside is soft seafood (normally cod and squid) and the outside is crispy.

How to Get There

If your mouth is watering by this point, you’re in luck – the journey from London to Malaga is just under three hours long. Once you arrive, take a Malaga Airport transfer to your accommodation (or, if you just can’t wait to stuff your face with these Andalusian favourites, straight to a restaurant). To get rid of the stress of having to sort out transport once you arrive, it’s a good idea to pre-book a shuttle or taxi with a reputable ground transportation service company.

Hungry for more? Cuisine beyond your wildest dreams is well within reach – all you need to do to get there is book a flight and a Malaga Airport transfer, and make sure you’ve packed your taste buds. This holiday is all about them, after all.

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