Treat Pain with the Natural Topical Patches

The natural topical patches are designed to relieve pain. Suppose if a person gets hurt. The pain from the part that got hurt travels through the nerves to the brain. This method of blocking the signal surely relieves pain as the neuronal signals from that part of the blocked. In simpler words it is the best tool to relieve pain. It can be used to reduce pain from minor injuries sun burns, irritation and so on.

Varieties of Pain Killers

There are many forms pain killers. The way of applying the pain killer matters. A few are:

Topical gel

Topical cream

Topical film

Topical lotion

Topical ointment

Topical patches

Topical sprays

In all the above products are effective in reducing the pain caused by injuries. Selecting a right product is the main criteria. For example if a child gets injured and suffers from severe pain, it is advisable to use a natural topical patch on to the injured part. If it is an open wound then the patch should be applied slightly above the wound.

Natural Topical Patch

Lidocaine natural topical patches are the epidermal form of pain killer. The way this product works is that when the patch is applied on a person’s skin it produces a pain reliever known as lidocaine. The lidocaine produced travels through the skin and blocks the neuron signals that transmits pain. These patches are best suited for kids as it is very difficult to examine a minor injury without physical examination but if touched it may cause excruciating pain for them. In that situation it is very important to use the natural topical patches. Natural topical patch can also be used be used as a local anesthetic to relieve pain. It can be used to treat post herpetic itches, burns and severe pain.

How to Use

These patches once applied can with stand it’s power till 12 hours. It is wiser to follow the instructions given by the doctor. The most important instructions to be followed are:

Do not reuse the patch.

Do not apply more than three patches in a day.

Don’t let the patch fall on your eyes, if it had happened then immediately wash the eye and protect them till the normal feeling returns or visit your local doctor.

Don’t leave a patch for more than 12 hours.

Side Effects of the Patches

Since these patches deals with the nerve signals it may cause a few undesirable side effects such as the following:

Some people have reported rashes

People who are allergic to topical medicines have reported asthma or breathing problems

Most of the users say that it causes irregular heartbeats.

Uneasiness to breathe.


Pale yellow colored urine

Severe tingling and numbness

Fever with throat pain

These side effects have been reported by a small number of people. The patches don’t cause any of these side effects if they are used in person with good health condition and no allergy to topical medicines.

Permanent Solution

If a person has problems like constant itching or burning sensation of some sort and that person can’t stop scratching, then Natural Topical Patch are the solution to the problem.

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