“Translogix Cargo Ltd” Sets Itself to Be the Transit Point of Goods for International Customers

NEW YORK, NY (October 5th, 2020) – It is not a surprise that international customers don’t get to have many U.S. made products. It is rare for an online e-commerce portal to ship products to other countries. Often people try to purchase a product from America but then instantly, a message is shot across the screen stating, “This product cannot be shipped to your country”. And no, we can’t ask why. This brings major disappointment to so many people across the globe

Cue, Translogix Cargo Ltd. The one company that promises to supply products and cargo to customers across the globe by being their transit and cargo point. Responding to the emerging needs of today’s online worldwide shoppers, Translogix helps consumers worldwide establish a U.S. based address for package forwarding. It has clients the world over who want to capitalize on the low cost of American products along with the latest fashion and gadgets available.

Having procured a very large facility that can effectively serve as the storage address for the packages and cargo to be forwarded, Translogix ensures that a change in address for the customers, even the future ones, will not be required. One of the most efficient systems is in place for them to handle the packages with the utmost care and then deliver to the customer’s address exactly in the manner it is expected from any cargo firm with the highest of standards.

“In just a few years time, we have come a long way. With online shopping becoming more and more common, it was only logical and a matter of time that international customers will want to cash in on Made In U.S.A. products. We had the vision to see what was coming and here we are today, the go-to storage, forwarding and cargo firm to ship even the non-shippable products across the globe. We receive the customers’ purchased items at our highly secure Translogix Cargo Warehouse where it is stored with the utmost care. We then forward their purchases using our worldwide shipping partners such as UPS, DHL, USPS, etc. Our Customer Support Team has extensive knowledge and experience in international shipping, package consolidation and customs paperwork. At Translogix, you can be assured that we are committed to nurturing our long-lasting relationship with exquisite and impeccable service”, said the founder of Translogix Cargo Ltd.

About Translogix Cargo Ltd:
“Translogix Cargo Ltd” is a storage and cargo company that stores products purchased in the U.S.A (both online and physical) and then ships them out to the international customers. This service includes items that are mostly non-shippable under the e-commerce company policy. Translogix sets up an American address at their warehouse to receive the product and then ship them to the customer who purchased it or wherever the forwarding address is, as applicable.




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