Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Internet Business

These days the internet world is more competitive than ever. There are actually billions of websites and thousands in every niche. It therefore becomes critical that you not only build a good website but work hard to have people find it.

In this article well look at the top 10 ways to promote your business so that you can have increased revenue and more success in your online career.

Search Engine Optimization
In order for search engines to actually find your website and take any notice of it, you have to optimize for Bing, Google, and Yahoo. To get your business up to top spot in the search engines takes a lot of activity and a lot of creativity. People arent going to link to your website unless they have a compelling reason to do so and Google is making it harder and harder to buy your way to the top.

Using Intelligent Content
After building your website, if that is where your activity ends your business will probably fail. You need to keep visitors returning so that you have a constant stream of customers that are loyal and interested in your brand. By producing description that is truly compelling, your visitors will be happy and so will the search engines. Updating your description to keep t fresh and keep the search engines and your visitors coming back is a crucial part of your online promotion. Many people neglect this onsite aspect of the process. Its difficult to write interesting description and to keep it flowing and so you might want to outsource to a professional writer who is used to producing the types of description youll need.

Drive Inbound Links
One of the most important aspects of your search engine marketing will be the number of links and the quality of the links that you drive to your website. Theres no point having millions of very poor quality links as theyll add up to far less value than just a hand full of top quality links. The authority of the website pointing to you will be a massive boost to your website if you can get quality websites in your industry. The search engines consider that only good quality resources and websites will be linked to by the best websites. If you reciprocate and add a link to the sites that you want linking to you, you may lose some value in the process. Link building takes dedication, persistence, and creativity. You may want to guest blog. You may want to produce top quality resources and offer them to websites. One thing is for sure, the websites that get good at link building are more successful than those that dont.

Network a Lot
When you are building your business, you need to network as much as possible. Thankfully you dont have to go to lunch and breakfast meetings as much as you used to because you can do a lot of your networking on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media provide excellent avenues to discuss ideas and promote your description and products and services.

Advertising for Free
There are lots of online services where you can advertise for free. You can get into the Google directory and Yahoo directory. You can get your business into Kudzu and Yelp and you can even get free directory listings in your local area. Consider also asking for links from local newspapers and events listing guides.

Paying to Advertise
If you do have a budget then you can of course increase your website traffic by getting banners and paying to advertise on websites in your industry. You may also be able to get e-mail campaigns sent out through this avenue.

Social Marketing
If you can get your description being talked about on the social networks and sent around utilizing intelligent hash tags on Twitter, and getting lots of likes on Facebook, your message will soon spread around the internet. The great thing about social networks and social marketing is that you can target certain demographics and get your information going through. Its a free form of advertising except for the time invested by yourself and any money you spend on having employees our outsourced staff managed campaigns for you. Ensure that you get good profiles up and keep your profiles consistent to your brand at all times. Revisit profiles and information regularly to ensure that you are doing a good job of promoting your brand as it is now and not how it was some time ago.

By having an opt in form on you website that is simple to complete and incentivised, youll be able to develop a business list to market to. E-mail newsletters are extremely beneficial in terms of conversions but also building your brand. Theyre also extremely cost effective as normally it is just the set-up and send that cost money. You can do it yourself by getting bulk delivery software or online services or you can outsource and have the information sent on your behalf.

As well as newsletters these days, more and more companies are opting for SMS marketing which is an excellent opportunity considering the direct impact it can have on revenue. In addition, you have to consider the fact that more and more people are on their smartphones these day so the messages need to be appropriate. The best mobile broadband deals through our phone contracts are so good that they mean that we are doing more and more purchasing and online investigation on our phones when were looking at products and services.

Google Adwords
Google Adwords is a fantastic way to promote your business. You can find out a lot about your business too through the Google tags tools and understand the kinds of things people are searching to find your products and services. You can set per click budgets, you can set daily budgets, and you can target to different geographical regions and different languages. Watch out for introductory free offers to get yourself going with Google Adwords when you sing up for Google account as these can often kick star your campaign without any initial investment.

Google is an incredible company and the reach that they have through the search engine will ensure that you can get a massive customer base very quickly and develop a successful online business in no time at all.

You can make sure your business model is good and is profitable by constantly testing landing pages and developing better messages to increase conversion rates. Google Adwords often offer a free trial, so watch out for that if you sign up for Google.

Facebook Ads
Facebook has 500+ million users. Facebook ads are cheaper than Google ads and can also be targeted to specific demographics to increase your return investment. The ads like with Google, require that you have a decent website to promote and the criteria for both Facebook and Google mean that you have to set up a proper business in order to whip the rewards of the advertising. The amount of people you can reach very fast with Adwords and Facebook ads means that you can build your business to a very nice level very quickly.

So there you have it, ten ways to promote your business. Ensure that you take a rounded approach and look at all the options and get the right blend of advertising and marketing for your business at every stage of your journey.

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