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LOS ANGELES, CA (August 22, 2020) – News started moving online more and more with the advent of smartphones coupled with the internet. There’s hardly a news outlet today that doesn’t have an online presence. In fact, it is 2said that there are more news outlets online than news channels on television. But very few platforms are available on the web that bring entertainment news, health, lifestyle, tech and gadgets on a single platform. Something that is profitable for users to get everything on the same page.

This is where Today Top News Live has been making a distinct mark for itself. Not only does it provide a variety of prominent entertainment news and Hollywood news but it also covers health, lifestyle, tech and gadgets, cooking, architecture and Netflix, including upcoming releases and movies and shows that are about to make an exit.

An entire exciting range of information and news on celebrities, movies, shows and web series can be found with Today Top News Live, including information on plots, characters and next season. Visitors can know about their favorite celebrities like Kylie Jenner’s latest dinner, Elizabeth Hurley’s gorgeous new dress, Iggy Azalea and Mariah Carey’s tracks etc. and a host of other news about their favorite stars, music, movies and shows.

Visitors will also find excellent and detailed news on the latest gadgets, including new releases and reviews of them.

Today Top News Live also provides exclusive news on Netflix. Not only does it provide dedicated news on present Netflix movies and shows but also on upcoming ones. Visitors will be greatly excited to know more about their favorite shows and series that they love to fan-follow.

“It’s a great ride and we’re enjoying it. Providing the fans with so much detailed content on one platform – celebrities, gadgets, Netflix. We’re enjoying it, that I can tell you. We love what we do here. That’s why we at Today Top News Live are able to provide essentially the best content on celebrities and Hollywood among others. We also source our information ethically. That’s why our news isn’t gossip. It’s real, actual news, separated from the fake by some good, solid, ethical journalism. I am glad with the team I work with here. Everyone does the best as all fans everywhere expect from us. We will continue to provide the best news out there and also the most accurate without ever besmirching our profession. You can always expect facts from us. Always”, said the CEO of Today Top News Live.

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