Tips On How To Reduce Pain Triggers

Pain can be described in medical terms as a sensation which hurts. Depending on the severity of the pain it may cause agony, distress, discomfort and many other uncomfortable feelings. It may be constant, intermittent or steady. Some pains can be throbbing while others can be stabbing or pinching. In other words, pain can take many different forms and can be of different intensities. There are two types of pains, namely chronic or acute. Acute pain lasts only short periods of time while chronic pain lasts longer. Acute and chronic pain can be mild or severe.

When you visit a pain management clinic, the treatment will focus on identifying the cause of pain and its nature. The doctor will first request you tell them of your medical history. The way or method of reducing pain triggers depends on the cause.

The following are the various methods of reducing pain triggers that can be applied at pain management clinics:

Massage therapy

If the pain trigger is muscle cramps, torn or inflamed ligaments or tendons, muscle stiffness, massage therapy can work well in reducing that pain trigger. It is a pain management technique that has been applied for many thousands of years. Its advantage is that it does not just address the pain trigger but also helps reduce stress, increases relaxation of the body, reduces depression and anxiety, and aids in general body wellness. There are various massage therapies that can be applied at a pain management clinic depending on the condition that one is suffering from. Usually, the pain management healthcare professional will gently apply pressure on the muscles and other soft body tissues by use of forearms, fingers and hands.


If you are experiencing pain and you do not exercise then the condition is likely to get worse. At a pain management clinic, the doctor will develop comprehensive exercise plans to help improve body circulation, reduce the cramping and stiffness of muscles, and thus help reduce pain. Depending on the pain trigger, some exercises may worsen the condition so its good to discuss with your healthcare provider first before you engage in any exercise program.

Relaxation therapy

There are various relaxation techniques that can help reduce pain triggers. Relaxation calms the body and thus helps release tension which could be the pain trigger. At the pain management clinic you will be taught on how to relax through breathing techniques. Research has shown that relaxation therapy can actually help in reduce pain triggers from osteoarthritis, headache, fibromyalgia and various other conditions.


You health is determined by what and how you eat. Improper dietary habits will not provide the required nutrients to your body and thus may cause triggers for pains such as when joints are not well lubricated. Dehydration of the body can also worsen existing pain triggers and create an avenue for the development of other triggers. If you are not properly hydrated you are likely to experience headaches, generalized body aches and stiff joints.

These are a few ways a pain management clinic can help you get pain free. These clinics custom tailor their care plan depending on your personal situation, medical history and pain indicators. The website address given below has more information: Pain Management Doctors In Los Angeles


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