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Are you a first-time surfer? Are you confused about what type of wetsuit you should bring? Some women opt for the light neoprene spring suit when they go to the beaches. The surfer coach wears these spring suit inside their rash guards in order to protect themselves and for extra warmth. Sometimes the weather is too chilly, in that case wearing a light neoprene wetsuit is recommended instead of wearing full armed and legged wetsuit over a bikini. All these confusions get cleared with the tips given below.

Women’s wetsuit comes in different varieties. Some of them have long sleeves with bikini-cut bottoms whereas others have mini-short bottoms combined with sleeveless arms. They are made in neoprene whose thickness varies between 0.5mm to 3mm. More is the thickness, warmer is the suit. The women’s spring suit acts as a light sweater when you go for surfing. They are ideal for other water sports too and can be worn on sunny summer days.

1.A long-sleeved spring suit is highly recommended to protect your arms from the harmful UV rays of the sun. A women’s spring suit comes in a variety of colours including prints, classic black and cold colours. A spring suit has sleeveless as well as short and long sleeves. The bottoms come in bikini cut, mini short as well as mid-high length shorts. The 2mm long sleeved spring suits give you comfortable fit and core warmth.

2.When you opt for swimming in water whose temperature is greater than 75 degrees, choose to wear the short sleeve or sleeveless spring suit. You can also combine a rash guard in order to get the extra protection from the sun. It also eliminates the slippery sunscreen arms.

3.A neoprene bikini is recommended when you go for paddling. It adds style and is super versatile. You can combine your bikini with a neoprene jacket but these do not provide warmth and protection as much as the long-sleeved spring suits.

4.If you want to add more features to your spring suit, just wear a zip-up wetsuit jacket.

5.If you need more warmth and extra protection for your knees and legs and go with the long Jane wetsuits. You can also wear it with neoprene jacket which acts as an alternate to a full wetsuit.

Always keep in mind to consider the temperature of the water when you chose your wetsuit. When the water temperature is below 70 degrees, go with the 2mm thick women’s spring suit. When the water temperature is more than 70 degrees, 1mm thick spring suits are perfect for surfing.

Most of the spring suits come with front zip-up and back zip-up. When you go for belly paddling, choose the back zip-up wetsuit. These prevent the water from getting in through the top of your body.

Wetsuits can be expensive. Always try to make a budget when you to buy your wetsuit. Check for different properties such as heat repelling and water resistant quality of spring suit. Make you that you completely stretch your arms and legs in your wet suit.

A womens springsuit vary depending on the brand you choose. Make sure to choose the one in which you feel comfortable. Try different types of womens wetsuit until you find your own one which suits you well.

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