First, when buying a new car you should look for a number of things. Look for worn out belts, cracked or broken hoses, and taped wires. Next start the vehicle, check to see if it starts easy or has noises when starting. Listen to the car as it is running, is it noisy or loud, which could mean a bad exhaust system. As the car is running. Don’t be afraid to loo under the hood. Even if you do not know too much about cars, don’t be afraid to do your research and learn everything you can so you can feel comfortable asking the necessary questions. Play around with the car.

Make sure smell the inside of the car and under the hood. Check the tires and their condition. Turn every window to make sure they work. Press all buttons such as heater and air conditioner, see if everything is in working order. I recently found out in some dealers, you can ask for an accident report or Car Fax history report that would tell you who previously owned the vehicle and any prior damage the vehicle may have procured. It also doesn’t hurt to bring another person with you to check out the car. An extra pair of eyes can always spot something you cannot see personally. You may be so blinded by the fact that you want or need a car so badly that you may not be able to spot flaws.

The other person can stand outside the back of the car to check the tailpipe for signs of smoke if white smoke comes out, that could mean problems with the radiator or the engine overheating. If blue smoke comes out, that is a danger sign that there are problems with the oil. This could cause a number of problems from oil gaskets to oil leaks. Ask the seller if you can test drive the car. I learned the best way to really tell if it drives well, get on the highway and drive in the lane closest to the median or center, so you can hear any noises echoing from the surface. Any noise other than the sound of tires on the road should cause concern.

Check the body of the car carefully for any dents that may have indicated an accident or any changes in the paint that also could mean an accident. Examine the tires to see if they have even wear and are the size they should be for the type of car. Bounce the corner of the car it should only bounce once or twice before stopping.

Also, check the carpet for water damage or odd stains and smells that may indicate water damage, if stains are visible underneath the dashboard that could indicate a leaky heater or air-conditioner. Doing research on this topic has also given me a better insight on what to look for when purchasing a car period. I , myself wasn’t sure what to look for, but now I at least have an ouline of question and concerns to address when walking onto a car lot to buy a car.

Whether you’re buying a car with good credit or buying a car with bad credit there is plenty more to learn at Find out more tips and information to help you to make a wise and educated car buying decision.

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