Tips About Amazon AWS Marketplace

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The AWS Amazon Marketplace is a leading online store which provides an easy way in which sellers can market and sell software to IT professionals and developers. The users of AWS Marketplace can very easily find that which they need, compare its feature or price with alternatives, and immediately begin using the software which they need for building their products and services, or running their businesses.

Why use AWS Amazon Marketplace?

At AWS Amazon Marketplace you will be able to reach customers in more than 190 countries across the world. You will also benefit from the world-wide available Amazon Web Services payment platform for disbursements, collections, billing, and metering. Amazon also offers pre-configured, pre-built, easy to use machine images, and thus makes easy it for the customers to streamline the delivery of software by using their easy launch software.

Candidates that want to sell on AWS Amazon Marketplace must have or do the following:

– Sell production ready, publicly available software.

– Have a strong customer support and customer satisfaction track record: Amazon is known for its track record of satisfying and supporting customers with it services. To sell your software on AWS Marketplace you must have a track record of satisfying and supporting customers.

– Put emphasis on clear, strong ethics and operations of business: Amazon will not allow sellers to go against its terms and conditions. Before you begin selling at the AWS Amazon Marketplace it would be wise if you read the terms and conditions to know what is expected of you.

– Prioritize keeping and maintaining their software virus-free, and current: no person would like to purchase an un-updated or virus infected software. If you want to sell on AWS Marketplace you must make the commitment of offering software which is current and free of any virus, adware, malware or spyware.

– If you plan on listing SaaS (Storage as a Service),it should be hosted primarily on AWS infrastructure: SaaS describes a model of storage in which an organization or business lessees or rents storage space from a 3rd party service provider. Data is then transmitted from client to provider of the service through the internet, then the client will access the stored data by use of the software which the provider of storage services has provided to them. This software can be used for performing common tasks which are related to storage such as: data transfers and data backups. SaaS is very common with Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because there are no costs at start-up. In other words there is no IT staff, hard disks, or server costs involved. The SMBs pay for the SaaS based on the storage space amount that is used.

– If requested, be capable of providing as many as ten reference-able customers: in other words, you should be able to provide at lest 10 customers who have tried the software or app that you want to sell at AWS Amazon Marketplace and found that it really works for them, or can list its pros and cons based on their experience of using it.

An Amazon AWS Marketplace provides the necessary tools in procedures in order to put your software in the hands of users and businesses that need it.

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