Thoughts about Buying Wholesale Beads Online

Bead work has become a hot hobby or career in many places and many people get themselves involved in making beaded jewelry. The demand for beads has become larger, so that new artists are asking where to buy the beads from and how? For seasoned bead workers, the answer is easy: get your wholesale beads online. This is a great answer, because there are many good reasons why you should do this. See the list below:

Its incredibly convenient
The convenience offered when you buy wholesale beads online cannot be beaten by other methods. You may not have an easy access to local outlets such as bead shows and the retail bead shops, making it difficult for you to source your required beads. If you do not use the internet, you will lack the wide selection of artisan glass beads and the varieties of wooden, bone, shell and seed beads that are available at online stores.

You can place your wholesale beads order at anytime and wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the internet. No more driving from one shop to the next looking for beads needed to check and compare prices.

Theres a wider selection
Buying your wholesale beads online will allow you to choose from a great selection of beads and other supplies. In local retail shops, there is a limited selection of beads compared to online stores. You just search for wholesale beads using your favorite search engine and tens of thousands of websites will offer you the best quality beads at the best prices.

You can save money
Companies on the internet can offer you wholesale beads at prices that are much cheaper than the retail stores. So, the larger the quantity you order, the more savings you can realize in terms of great discounts. Its very much different from buying on a retail basis, where beads can come out very expensive.

To summarize, buying wholesale beads online can be very convenient, offers you a wider selection and a savings that you cant get from the brick and mortar bead shops. However, because you are buying online, you will not be able to actually select the strands and the beads; here are some buying tips to guide you.

An expensive price does not necessarily mean that it is a good quality bead. Getting a sample and putting it to test is the only way to know the quality of the beads.
Dont buy all your required beads from just one dealer. You may not get the best quality and you end up spending more.
Place a small order to a new store, so you get a sense of what they offer the quality of beads and their customer service.
Look for clear photographs of the items. Some photos are blurry or enhanced by photo editing software. You may get surprised upon receiving your order because the look is not what you expect. It will be to your best interest to stay away from wholesale beads purchase, if the pictures shown are not clear.

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