This Cloud Server Platform Is Set To Revolutionize The Way Web, Data Is Hosted And Shared

NEW YORK, NY (September 23, 2020) – Cloud server platforms are a relatively new thing as it has only been a few years since it has been around.

What was earlier physical hardware and software that had its share of substantial problems, especially with data overload, is now transferred to the cloud from where web and data are hosted and shared seamlessly, along with other things. So what is the catch? Reliability, scalability, and usability.

Cue, Concept Branch. Headed by Marco Slavecki, this firm is set to change the game in the service of Cloud Server. Working with some of the best developers, Concept Branch enables businesses to build, deploy, scale, and manage scalable web applications. Bare Metal, Dedicated & VPS server solutions are deployed from 22 data centers around the globe to serve clients’ needs. It is dedicated to offer new, one-way technology with a faster, better, and less expensive service that will not only work better in the budget scheme of its clients but will also attract more attention to this field from business owners and investors.

Concept Branch provides a six-fold solution to modern data and web hosting problems that is largely going through a transition:
1. The fastest and top quality service in the entire industry.
2. State of the art hardware and software.
3. Use of modern and cutting edge technology.
4. The best end-user experience that can be given
5. Customer-focused optimization suggestions.
6. High Profitability.

To put the cherry on top, here are some of the features clients will be beneficiaries of from us:
1. Automatic fail-safe mechanisms.
2. Automatic scaling.
3. Multi-DC replication.
4. Scheduled jobs with ephemeral resource allocation.
5. Sustained use discount.
6. Fully customized dashboard.
7. Fast and highly efficient server load.
8. Multiple data centers to minimize traffic.
9. Optimization suggestions.
10.Inexpensive solutions.
11.Auto setup & configuration.

“I am glad about what we have been able to achieve in such a short period of time. In this industry and in today’s world, there is rarely a second chance. But we have learned from the mistakes of our predecessors in this industry and focused on how we can change the game altogether, to provide the best data server platform at rock-bottom prices. Thanks to our developers, we are going to do just that. You can say goodbye to pricey web and data hosting and say hello to the best price with the fastest and reliable service hosting – at Concept Branch. We are here to revolutionize your data cloud experience and will not stop till we have done just that and put a smile on your face”, said Mark Slavecki, CEO of Concept Branch.

About Concept branch:
Concept Branch is a Cloud Server Platform that enables businesses to build, deploy, scale, and manage scalable web applications.

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