Things You Should Know About Overseas Car Hire

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Thinking about hiring a car for your next getaway overseas? Before you sign any documents with the rental company, it’s important to make sure you’re clued up about what to expect. Even if you’ve rented vehicles before, there are a few things you may still be unaware of regarding rentals abroad – because not all policies are the same, and some insurance providers can be sneaky.

So, if you’d like to be in-the-know about general tips and how to save yourself bags of money with the help of car hire excess insurance (and who wouldn’t?), read on!

Before You Travel

If you’re going to be driving abroad, one of the first things you need to do is make sure to learn the rules of the road in your chosen holiday destination. A lot of the time, rules and general driving etiquette in different countries can be vastly dissimilar from what you’ll be used to in the UK. Avoid any potential accidents by taking the time to learn the particular country’s regulations – you’ll save yourself trouble in the end.

An Average Rental Agreement

Usually when you’re going through with a car hire, you’ll find that there are various papers to sign, checks to be done and transactions to be made. However, despite what you might think, an average rental policy isn’t often very comprehensive at all, particularly when it comes to insurance.

If you don’t read all the documents thoroughly (and that means the fine print too), you could find yourself receiving a hefty fine at the end of your rental if you have an accident. Most companies will not actually cover you for easily damaged car parts, and only partly cover you for the rest. Sneaky terms like this often go unnoticed by the customer, especially when renting abroad, which is exactly why car hire excess insurance should be your new best friend.

What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

Some companies offer single or annual-trip excess policies for overseas travellers considering vehicle rental. Since driving abroad can be hazardous for tourists, it is highly recommended that you take out one of these policies if saving money is important for you.

This kind of insurance can cover you for the things the rental company will not, meaning you can have complete peace of mind and know that you won’t be receiving any surprise fines in the post!

What Does It Cover?

Here are a few things you’ll be able to get cover for with a specialist excess policy.

Key replacements
Damage or loss of personal items
Damage to the undercarriage
Tyre repairs and replacements
Windscreens, windows and sunroofs
As you can see, you really have nothing to lose by taking out this kind of policy, and when renting abroad it is definitely your safest and most sensible option.

If you’re soon to be heading off overseas with your licence in hand, keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to have a stress-free experience. Get clued up, invest in an excess policy and you’ll be ready to hit the road.

Sam Walker is a specialist insurance expert at LowerHire, a company that offers low-cost single trip and annual multi-trip car hire excess insurance policies. Travellers can rest easy knowing they will be fully protected against any hidden hire car costs and look forward to a stress-free rental experience.

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