Sometimes even when you think you have an excellent case against your employer, no employment solicitor is willing to take up your case. You prepare the pitch note several times but no one is willing to take up the matter. Given this situation, you are bound to think, what went wrong? Isn’t your case worth it? Is your employer so powerful that none of the employment solicitors want to pay heed to your request? Such questions and dilemmas are bound to bother you when your case is consistently being refused by employment solicitors. However, more often than not, the reason for this refusal lies in something that you have told your lawyer and not in the case. Believe it or not, even when you have the right case, striking the wrong conversation is never going to be helpful.
Here are a few suggestions on things that you should never tell your employment solicitor:

1. Stop being overconfident

Many a times, employees who are approaching employment solicitors end up being overconfident. This makes them think that their case is way too powerful and approaching an employment solicitor is only a formality. Approaching an employment solicitor with this attitude is guaranteed to irritate them and as a result of such conversations, they will never take your case.

2. Stop looking at it as an opportunity to make more money!

Employment solicitors are willing to fight cases that have a genuine cause associated to it. There are no caps on the recovery but you have to be willing to negotiate. After all, your lawyer will strive to get the best deal for you. However, if you are going to look at the case as a money making opportunity, the employment lawyers are clearly not going to appreciate it.

Quit bargaining

Negotiating with your employment solicitor to arrive at a mutually agreeable amount for the fees is normal. However, bargaining with the employment lawyer like you were purchasing vegetables from the wholesale market is wrong. After all, their talent is going to bail you out of the situation and you have to be willing to pay for that expertise.

Talk straight

Once the employment solicitor sees the case papers, he or she has a clear picture of your situation. Therefore don’t try to use false or misguiding information in your conversation else this will ruin your reputation in front of the employment solicitor.

These are a few simple suggestions that are easy to follow and can help you impress your employment solicitor minimizing the chances of your case being rejected.

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