The World Lacks the Blessings of the Ancient One to Withstand the Pandemic Crisis

(March 29, 2020) – Everyone is well acquainted with the fact that, in the prevailing time, the world is going through immense suffering in the form of a deadly virus outbreak namely COVID-19 Corona. It is nothing but a predicted trial for humanity perpetrated by God Himself, opines Sammy Dharia who avows to be the messiah, the one the world is looking for. Mr. Dharia is deliberately alleging himself to be the ancient one whose resurrection was prophesied in the pages of Torah. He is summoning the Jews community to accept his reincarnated figure of Ben David and build the Temple in Jerusalem where he will be restored to his thrown of inheritance.

Mr. Dharia AKA Ben David the Messiah has explained that the delaying of the acceptance (of his divine presence) will cost the world more perilously and the outbreak of Corona is just a beginning. He further puts in “I have visited Isreal and urged Benjamin Netanyahu to resign the keys of construction of the temple in Jerusalem. The jews people who once have been chosen by God to be purest souls on earth, now acting in a ruthless manner and oppressing the innocent Palestinians. This is nothing but the influence of Satan who is striving his best to bring doom upon humanity. God has chosen me to stop this ominous melancholy by bringing eternal salvation, But the sowing the seed of redemption can only be possible when I will be put on my thrown in Mount Temple. To spread my voice to general people, I will appeal to the renowned broadcasting channels CNN, FOX, and NBC to host interview sessions with me. ”

The messiah is earnestly urging every mortal being to accept his concurrence and let him save the world from the impending crisis that is most likely to be the heaviest earthquake, famine and tremendous downfall in the world economy. The Messiah doesn’t fear the conspiracy and hatred of gentile political leaders like Donald Trump and other religious leaders, however, he is only envisioning the salvation through winning people’s faith that will eventually back him to execute his holy commitment.

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