The Workout That Will Make You Look Like A Male Fitness Model

The Workout That Will Make You Look Like A Male Fitness Model

If you want to look like anything like a male fitness model then you must workout as hard as you have ever in your life. You cant skip a workout and you need to look yourself in the mirror and see what muscles need fine tuning. It will take a lot of work and many months. Do you still want to do it? Well, continue reading.

There is a difference between bodybuilders and fitness model, at least I think so. The main difference is the bulky look and the lean slim muscular look. I think many guys want that lean look that you always see on fitness covers. They have a muscular body and yet they virtually have no fat on them.

You can argue that to look like a fitness model it is mostly through your diet and in all honesty you would be right, but your workout you perform is the second thing you should target effectively.

Not every workout is created equal. That is why you should make sure every workout you do is one that targets the muscles you want to workout. If you arent hitting each muscle in your body at least once a week you could not be living up to your fullest potential. In this article you can guarantee that this wont be the case.

The workout

What we want to rely heavy upon is working out our larger muscles the most. That is why I suggest you workout your legs at least twice a week to get them fully “pumped”. And for the rest of your muscles I only suggest you work them out at least once a week. To be honest, anything more will not be worth it and you could hurt yourself if you are a beginner in lifting weights. We also want to perform a lot of cardio to lose some fat around are midsection.

Day 1 Chest

Three Sets Of Push Up (Till Failure)
Bench Press
Incline Dumbbell Press

Day 2 Legs

Barbell Squats
Leg Extensions
Lying Leg Curls
Smith Machine Squats

Day 3 Shoulders

Military Press
Clean And Press
Dumbbell Lying One-Arm Rear Lateral Raise
Side Laterals

Day 4 Arms

Barbell Curls
Dumbbell Curls
Hammer Curls
Decline EZ Bar Triceps Extension
Dips For Triceps

Day 5 Legs

(Same as Day 2)

Use that on a consistent basis you will start to notice some positive results within the first week of doing it.

You can also check out this site that goes more in depth about the workout to look like a fitness model and also the diet.

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