The Working of Bail Bonds

If you have never faced a situation of being arrested or getting a call from a relative to get him out of detainment, you would surely not know about the term called bail. Well, bail is the process of releasing the arrested person from the jail. Relevant to this process is a bail bond, a legally binding contract that requires the defendant to promise to attend the scheduled court proceedings related to the charges against him or her.

The Need of a Bail Bond
Once an individual is detained, she or he undergoes the legal process of arrest and booked. The defendant is taken to a local jail wherein the charged crime is referenced against that bail schedule of the country followed by setting of the bail as per the charges. At this point in time, the defendant has two ways for executing a bail for getting out of jail: Hire a bail bondsman or pay the full bail amount to the court. Of the two, the former one is ideal because it requires very less amount to release the defendant. If a bondsman is chosen, the defendant is released by paying only 10% of the full bail amount to a bondsman, which is a non-refundable fee charged by the bondsman company.

With a Bondsman
It has become very common to work with a bail bonds company in a situation of arrest. This is due to the fact that the bail amount set after detainment is very high for most people to pay in full at once to the court. For example, if the defendant’s bail is set at $60,000 that is much common nowadays, it is not affordable to give that full amount in one go and get the defendant out of jail. On the other hand, the bondsman company will charge only 10% of that amount, $6,000, to get the defendant out!

However, you will have to sign a bail bond contract for grabbing such an affordable deal for the defendant. When you secure such a bond by signing, you become the indemnitor of the bond. This means that you will have to ensure the presence of defendant on all the scheduled court dates. In case of absence on any of these dates, you become liable to pay the bond amount. Well, although helping someone with a bail bond is easier than you may think, you must bear in mind that you are taking the financial responsibility by signing the contract.

In short, a bail bond is a safer and quicker way to release the defendant from the jail. However, the bondsman agent needs to be licensed by the state to offer you with a reliable agreement and ensure smoother execution.

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