The Weather Report: Fast Facts on Malta’s Climate

Malta is one of the world’s most stunning destinations for a holiday. One of the main reasons for the country continuing to pull in so many visitors from all over the world is its incredible weather, which offers one of the longest and hottest summers in Europe.


The wonderful Mediterranean climate here means lengthy and hot summers dominate the year whilst the much shorter and relatively mild winters only account for a couple of months of it.

You can expect some excellent sunshine during the summer months, whilst the winter period is likely only to bring about some slightly rainy days. The typical Maltese temperature during the day is around 22-23° whilst even at night it will likely only go down to 15°.


August is the hottest of the summer months, with temperatures reaching up to 34° in the day and usually only dropping down to 28°. You’ll be more than comfortable at night too, with the temperature staying at a pleasant level throughout the evenings.

The Maltese summer is long, too, beginning April and stretching right through until November. Those visiting are generally advised not to stay out in the sun for extended periods of time due to the extremely high humidity, with particularly high levels during August and September.


The cooler weather during the winter months is due to the northerly winds coming over from central Europe, though the temperature is unlikely to drop below 7°, even during the nighttime in January. Malta is home to the continent’s warmest winters, so a holiday here is unlikely to be especially cold, even during the months from December to March.

Sunshine and Rainfall

You can enjoy up to twelve hours of sunshine during July, with the country being right towards the top of the charts in Europe for the number of sunshine hours during the day. A comparison with London reveals that Malta has over double the number of hours of sun per year than the English capital.

How to Get There

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If you’re looking for a sunny summer holiday or even a mild winter getaway, Malta simply must be one of your top choices. When will you book your trip?

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