The warning phenomenon of the mechanical problems for the elevator parts

The number of elevator would be increased with the height of the floor. On the other hand, the applying frequency would also have great increasing with the increasing of the height. However, the wear and tear of the elevators would also have great increasing and then there would be more and more elevator accident. In addition to normal maintenance and overhaul, people should also pay more attention to the condition of most of Elevator Parts such as Otis parts and Kone parts which could appear in the elevator. However, before the accident, there will be a warning sign to people. People would have the problem about what are the warning signs for these accidents. Today, the best China manufacturer which website is would tell people these warning signs about the elevator accidents.

First, the jitter phenomenon such as lift side to side, up and down vertically beat and vibration with sound would be the phenomenon of the elevator accident. However, there are many reasons about this kind of situation. People should pay more attention to the quality of all of the Elevator Parts. On the other hand, the poor installation could also cause the jitter of elevator. Thirdly, the incorrectly debugging could also cause the elevator jitter. If people do not care about these kinds of problems, there would be worst problems such as elevator slip stratification. That would be very dangerous.

Third, the elevator hoisting phenomenon which the elevator has been lifted from the designated floor above the designated kone elevator parts floor to roof would be very dangerous. Accordingly, there would also be another phenomenon which is the sinking phenomenon which is that the bottom of the elevator is not at the same plane as the height of the floor. However, it is lower than the floor height.

The last factor is about the buttons failure phenomena. This kind of situation is about that the switch button and floor button mitsubishi elevatorparts is failure when people open and shut the door of the elevator. In this kind of situation, before the event of the accident of general Elevator, there will be a corresponding phenomenon as a sign of warning. On the other hand, people can only usually use it to pay more attention. Once they have found this phenomenon, they should immediately notify the relevant personnel for the overhaul. If people do not care more about these problems, it would be likely to have a serious elevator accident. So, the maintaining of elevator will depend on people¡¯s strength. Only in that way could people¡¯s lives can be fundamentally guaranteed. – elevator parts,escalator parts—Jufeng Elevator Accessories Co, Ltd.Jiangyin Jufeng Elevator Accessories Co, Ltd. located in Jiangyin city is a Professional Otis parts, Mitsubishi parts, Schindler parts, Fujitec parts, Thyssen parts, Hyundai parts, LG sigma parts, KONE parts,elevator parts,escalator parts,Step Chain, Escalator Step,Polyurethane buffer,Step Roller,Chain Roller,Rubber Handrail, Comb Plate,elevator button manufacturer.



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