The Top Haunted Hotspots To Visit When on Holiday in Malta

Europe’s best kept secret is Malta, a country that not only offers a great cultural and culinary experience but also a variety of haunted hotspots with great character. While you are on holiday in Malta you should definitely check these top off-the-beaten-track haunted and hidden gems.

Manoel Island, Near Gzira

You must start your spooky adventure in Malta with the truly horrifying Manoel Island. Located just off the shore of the town of Gzira, this island is an absolutely terrifying hotspot with centuries of dark historical events under its belt.

It was once used as an isolation hospital during the Black Death, and many say there are still countless restless souls haunting this fortified island. If that doesn’t spook you, perhaps the knight’s crypt that can also be found here will. There have been multiple sightings of the disgruntled knight roaming the island – spooky!

The City of Mdina

Yes, this is right: the whole fortified city of Mdina is a terrifying hotspot of haunted spirits. While on your holiday in Malta, you should visit and roam the streets of the city alone at night if you’re brave enough – you will not be disappointed. There are stories of the spirit of a woman in traditional dress who loves to appear at night and walk through walls. Another tale is of the headless bride who has been spotted in various locations. This city is truly terrifying and not for the fainthearted.

Villa Sans Souci in the Village of Marsaxlokk

Villa Sans Souci is an architectural beauty which has been long-abandoned and is known to be brimming with a certain amount of paranormality. People who have visited the mansion tell stories of feeling overwhelmed by paranoia and angst while inside. This place will definitely put you on edge – but even if you don’t get goosebumps on the back of your neck, you will still certainly be visually awed by this gorgeous villa’s design.

Fort St. Angelo in Birgu

Fort St. Angelo is a stunning structure that was built as part of the fortification of Birgu. This fort has witnessed many battles, especially some of the more gruesome ones during the Great Siege of Malta. The walls of Fort St. Angelo were the place where more than 40,000 soldiers were killed – some were stabbed, some were cannon blasted and some were burnt to death by having boiling oil poured on them. People from the area tell stories of the countless lingering soldier souls that roam around the walls of the fort.

Your holiday in Malta has the potential to be truly spook-tacular with these four off-the-beaten-track hidden gems. Do not forget to bring your camera – you won’t want to miss the chance to capture a loitering Maltese spirit on film.

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