The Top 10 Companies Making Real Estate Websites in 2017

For those wanting the latest information on the companies making the best real estate websites in 2017, help is at hand. Real estate website creation experts, InboundREM has recently released its latest set of reviews on the ten best real estate website companies currently operating to help agents choose the right website developer for them.

The review is substantial. Every website has its own review section, complete with a description of the service, bespoke research into customer feedback, information on pricing and concluding remarks. InboundREM also provides readers with video analysis covering all aspects of the performance real estate web developers.

According to InboundREM, picking the wrong company to develop a real estate website can cost a firm both time and money. It’s important, it says, for agents to investigate low-cost options, but at the same time cautions that these might not necessarily be the best for business. Other considerations, including, the quality of design, the experience a firm has with SEO and their ability to garner leads matter too. Time can also be a factor, the company says, and could determine whether some real estate agents ultimately have to pay more to get their websites up and running.

InboundREM suggests that real estate agents come up with a numerical scheme to choose a site developer. Rather than just considering price, the website specialists suggests creating a scoring system based on agency priorities on a scale of 0 to 10. Agencies would then rate their requirements across a range of parameters, including the quality of website design, lead generation and email marketing before coming to a final decision. Importantly, the review points out that agencies can’t get the best of everything: at some point they will need to compromise.

InboundREM hopes that the new review page will allow real estate companies to find better developer matches. Often, there are only a select handful of web designers, the company claims, that meet all of a company’s criteria, especially those that are cost-constrained.

InboundREM also offers some final advice for those who are about to purchase a web developer. The company says that purchasers of any off-the-shelf real estate website need to manage their expectations. It’s not possible to get fantastic branding that maximises lead generation from any of the developers on the list. The best that agencies can hope for is something that is relatively clean, easy-to-use and professional.

Timing is also an issue. InboundREM says that marketing a real estate agency is a marathon and not a sprint and that it will take time for any investment in a new website to fully pay off. It’s prudent, according to the review piece, to continually measure the results from a new website design, no matter who made it.

Those who are interested can view all ten reviews of the top companies making real estate websites in 2017 at . There is also a section for “honorable mentions” – companies which didn’t quite make the cut but that may be useful to some customers regardless.

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