One of the most culturally rich destinations in the Mediterranean – thanks to the juxtaposition of influences from Africa, Europe and the Middle East – Menorca’s exotic and rich traditionalism extends to its cuisine. From this melee of flavours has emerged a ‘taste’ that is distinctly and uniquely Menorcan, and it’s not restricted to savoury dishes.

Sweet Surprise in the Balearics

Menorca caters to the sweet-toothed tourist in the most delightful of ways, and, on a Menorca holiday, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the island’s delights in authentic local restaurants, cafes or at any of the many farmers’ markets where vendors ply their fresh produce and products.

Everyone discovers their own particular favourite sweet treat (and there are a lot to choose from!), but below are some of the more popular tastes you might encounter on your Menorca holiday.


The name of this delicacy almost gives it away, and it tastes as delicious and crispy- crunchy as it sounds! Very thin, scalloped biscuits, crespellines are light, sweet and flavoured with a generous hint of cinnamon. Most often eaten for breakfast or a mid-morning snack, the local way to enjoy them is dunked in hot tea or milk.


Presenting like a close cousin of the favourite Italian biscotti, carquinyols are small, crunchy and pack a delicious flavour of lemon and cinnamon. Made from a simple recipe of sugar, flour, almonds and leavening (and a choice of lemon or cinnamon), it’s almost impossible to stop at one of the tiny carquinyols – and why would you?


If you only try one sweet treat on your Menorca holidays, make it flaons! Originally created to commemorate Easter, you can now get flaons at any time of the year, and at pretty much any eatery on the island. Adapted from a recipe that originated from Catalonia, flaons are made from wheat flour, olive oil, eggs, lard and yeast, formed into a pastry then finished with a sweet or savoury filling – often involving the famous Mahón cheese. While traditional flaons from the Spanish mainland are half-circular, Menorcan flaons are more elaborate, often with ruffled edges and an unusual flower shape.


Have we saved the best until last? You’ll have to be the judge of that, but the rich, delicate mitjallunes really are like a little mouthful of heaven. Shaped like a half-moon (hence the name, which translates exactly as that), mitjallunes are made from a doughnut-type base cake mixture, with a candied egg yolk and vanilla filling, and sugar and egg yolk icing.

Whether you’re a die-hard sweet tooth or just enjoy sampling interesting and new cuisine, your Menorca holiday is a chance to tempt your taste buds with a different kind of sweet treat.

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