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Story Summary: About 30 years ago, the adversities I experienced made me form a different view about the spiritual world. Since then, God and Jesus have revealed themselves to me multiple times to help me write the book, “The Great Truth,” which includes viewpoints and visions that are very fundamental to life—an understanding of the human origin, the value of religions, the ultimate meaning of life, and what future holds for humanity.

I was born to a poor family in a village in Quang Ngai Province in Vietnam. My family had six children; I am the fourth boy and have two younger sisters. When I was five years old, my dad was killed in the war, leaving my family to rely on the help of my relatives. Even with their help, life was still difficult. We each had to work very hard to just barely make ends meet. At the end of the war, my dad was honored as a patriotic martyr, which led me to be recruited by the government to become a sailor on commercial trade ships. Later on, during business trips to Da Nang, I met a girl and married her.

In 1982, as we were nearing the delivery date of our first child, my company temporarily cut my active duty, putting me on reserve and reducing my salary by a large portion. My wife and I ran into financial difficulty. In order to cope, I decided to go back to my hometown and asked some friends to join me in the practice of mediumship for lottery numbers so that I could win money to cover the costs associating with having a baby.

I would like to explain that, during those years, mediumship−the practice of channeling communication between spirits of the dead or deities and other humans−for the purpose of uncovering winning lottery numbers, was very popular in my hometown. There were quite a few people who participated in mediumship and won money to buy houses and motorbikes. The lottery was drawn every evening.

When we conducted mediumship for the first time, a local deity of Hoang Citadel channeled and gave us the number 15. That evening, the winning number came out to be exactly 15, but we had lacked the faith to bet much money, and so did not win much. However, though we only won a little, we were very excited and totally believed in this method. We decided to bet more next time.

Unfortunately, our next experiences did not turn out the way we hoped they would. We were given number 28, and the winning number was 29. Number 42 turned out to be 41, number 60 turned out to be 06, and number 35 turned out as 15. After a number of losses, we did not have much money left, but we all realized that the numbers given to us were very close to the winning numbers. We thought that maybe we were not devout enough and decided to prepare better offerings to the deity for one last mediumship. We hoped this extra devotion would cause them to give us the winning numbers, allowing us to get back what we had lost. This time a deity named “Monkey King” channeled and gave us number 43. He promised that it was the precise number— there was no need to reverse, add, subtract, multiply, or divide. Sure enough, the winning number was 43, just as promised, but it came one day after we bet on it.

Hopeless and angry, we decided to conduct another mediumship for the Monkey King to ask the reason for this delay. As requested, the Monkey King channeled and said that there were unexpected problems that had led to the confusion. Then, to make up for the loss, he gave us number 67. We trusted him again, and bet on number 67. Once more, we lost. It was similar to the previous time; the number was accurate, but it came out one day after we bet. A few days later, unsettled by the treatment of the deity, we conducted mediumship again with the intent to ask for the cause; we had lost our desire to ask for winning numbers. The deity Monkey King channeled, did not seem interested in explaining, but simply said that if we trusted him, we should bet number 99 and we would get back what we had lost. However, we just couldn’t trust him after all these times, and most of us were out of money. Those who still had some money decided to wait until the next day. Ironically, that evening’s winning numbers came out to precisely 99. At this point, I decided that since the number 99 is the last of all two-digit integers, this was an omen from the deity telling us to stop betting.

Sadly, our intent to earn money by mediumship was over and I was in great debt. I sold everything valuable in my house. I hated God, Earth, and the deities who had deceived and mistreated me. They not only had refused my pleas for help in getting money to pay for baby’s delivery, but they also brought additional adversity on me and my family.

From that moment on, I was determined to find the truth about deities, ghost phenomena, and the cause of my failure in mediumship. I thought my failure was due to bad fate. Good fortune had not come to me, but I had persisted in trying to find it, and had been punished for my greed. I related to the following story: a poor man came to a rich person to ask for help. The rich person gave him some money; though it was not much, it was enough for the poor man to overcome adversity. After a few requests, the poor man decided that it was easy to keep asking him for money, so he kept returning to the rich person for help. Finally, the rich person got angry at the poor man. He not only stopped helping, but also told his servants to beat the poor man badly.

When studying the phenomenon of deities, a saying from Buddhism resonated with me: “Form does not differ from Emptiness and Emptiness does not differ from Form.” This helped me to theorize about the nature of deities. There must be a reason for everything that happens, and once it happens, we cannot say it did not. Therefore, existence must exist, and non-existence must not exist. I thought the events that my friends and I had experienced relating to the deities were real. Thus, deities must exist and are as real as humans. I concluded that the deities conduct their acts using superior signal wave technology and wireless energy that we are unable to see. In addition, the deities operate technological equipment from far-away locations, making it even more difficult for us to see. No wonder people often mistakenly think deities are invisible.

According to these deductions, I determined that the deities knew in advance the winning numbers, but that they had given us wrong numbers because our fortunes were not yet fated to come. Moreover, they had intentionally given us slightly wrong numbers, so that we would believe in their power and continue our pursuit and lose, fitting the bad fate assigned to us at that moment. Later, I wondered how they knew the winning numbers that had not yet been drawn, and how they also knew the actions that we were about to carry out. I concluded that they either caused these events to happen or interfered somehow. That was the only way they could have known these things in advance; if they did not make them happen nor interfere with these events, they would not know.

I also concluded that deities are extraterrestrial beings (aliens) with real physical bodies, and that God is their leader. That was all I knew at that moment, but these initial ideas later helped me continue studying mysteries and matters related to God and humans.

After a while, I developed additional viewpoints relating to these matters, but constant contemplation made me very tense. One day, my mind suddenly became very unstable, alternating between unconsciousness and awareness. I lost my appetite and was unable to sleep for many days, wandering everywhere in my town like a crazy man. This event lasted for two months before the stability of my mind returned, without any treatment. I found that I was even more alert than before. One day in May 1983 after my mind had returned to normal, I heard a very strong voice in my head while riding a bus from Quang Ngai to Da Nang. The words it spoke were,

“Đệ tử nghe đây Ta là Thái Thượng Tiên Ông Thánh Thể Ngọc Hoàng Thượng Đế, ta đến để báo cho con biết: con là người đầu tiên trên thế gian này tìm thấy Ta. (Listen to me, my disciple. I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King, and the Only God; I have come to let you know that you are the first person in this world to find me)”

The voice was as strong and terrifying as thunder, and made me very nervous. Later on, that voice appeared in my head many times, but after awhile it spoke more gently. I gradually became more familiar with God’s voice and could communicate with Him using my own inner voice. If I wanted to pray to God for something, I prayed with my inner voice. God listened and responded. Most of the time, God’s voice suddenly appeared in my head and spoke continuously until the end of a revelation. In addition, He later channeled through me by way of mediumship so my family could also listen to His words. While I was being channeled, the messages I received turned into my spoken words. My consciousness and thinking could not interfere with the words that came out of my mouth. I heard those words as if I were listening to someone else speaking, and I could perceive those words as those nearby did. Aside from the times I intended to pray to God for help, He also commanded that at the beginning of every lunar month, my family should gather together so He could give us guidance.

One time, God channeled and promised me that I would have immortal life and enjoy a happy life in heaven. My life at that time was miserable and I was often broke, so I asked God for help. But He just said, “You must experience adversity because of a reason that you will understand in the near future. But, your hardship will be made up for in future worth.” In general, when I prayed for money, He refused.

Once, just before my ancestors’ death anniversary, I was totally out of money, so I prayed to God, asking for a winning lottery number so I could win money to buy offerings for my ancestors. God channeled and commanded, “Listen to me, my disciple. I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King, and the Only God. Today I come to you not due to your entreaties regarding your ancestors’ death anniversary, but because tomorrow is your birthday. I give you number 95 as a small gift, but you are allowed to bet only 10,000 dong (about $2).” In fact, my ancestor’s death anniversary was also my birthday, but my life was so miserable that I had forgotten it, and God reminded me. After God left, I realized that this was the first time that God had helped me, so if I bet more than 10,000 dong, I thought He would not mind. I borrowed money to bet 100,000 dong (about $20) for number 95. In the evening, when the winning number came out to be 95, I checked the lottery receipt. It turned out that the bet amount was written down for only 10,000 dong, the number God had advised me to bet. Having no grounds to argue the point with the broker, I accepted the amount for the 10,000 dong bet, which was 700,000 dong (about $140). After this event, I knew that God had indirectly reminded me that I needed to study more into the mysterious aspects of the human soul, as well as the souls of my ancestors and grandparents. In addition, this made me believe that God and the angels can interfere with the thoughts and actions of humans. Apparently, God had not changed my initial thoughts and actions. He instead controlled the broker, causing him to write the wrong amount and me not to check the receipt, so that everything happened exactly as He wished. Later, I realized that ’95 was also the year I lost my job.

God helped me many times, and each time I developed new viewpoints, all of which became ideas for the book, “The Great Truth.” A few of these instances are as follows:

At the end of 1989, as the people around us were excitedly preparing for Tet holidays (Vietnamese New Year), my family was desperately in need−we had no house and no motorbike. I had to take my wife and kids back to my hometown for the Tet holidays. During New Year’s Eve, God channeled and said, “Listen to me, my disciples. I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King, and the Only God, I have come to let you know that this year you will buy a house. Moreover, your life will be much better and prosperous.”

Honestly, after I heard what God said, I only hoped that God would help me win the lottery in order to buy a house, because at that time I was about to get laid off and there was no other hope for money. But things happened in ways I could never have imagined. On the 5th day of the lunar year, I reunited with my blood brother, who worked at the same company, but whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. He knew the chief executives personally and sponsored me to work as an active sailor again, as well as loaned me money for my business. My business boomed quickly and I earned great profits. As a result, that April I bought a house, and by the end of the year I had quite a bit of money in savings. This event helped me recognize that every individual has a unique fate route which includes predetermined periods of fortunes and adversities.

When our fate is bad for certain periods of time, most of our efforts to change it are useless. Conversely, when our fate is favorable, we will run into affairs that lead us to success. When our fate is bad, even if we pray hard or offer great gifts to the deities, angels will not help us; the more we pray, the more ignorant we become. When good fate comes around, however, angels will help us quietly and without any conditions so that we can obtain success.

When my wife got pregnant with our third child, I hoped I would have a son, because I already had two daughters. I was anxious to know whether it was a girl or a boy, but at that time we didn’t have ultrasound tests to know beforehand. I prayed to God so He would tell me. God channeled and revealed to me that the fetus was a boy, and He also told me the exact time and day the child would be born. Sure enough, my son was born at the time and day that God had revealed. Then, when naming my son, He revealed that I should name him Ngoc Hoang—king of heaven—in honor of Him.

After this, I came to believe that God and the angels know clearly about the structure and operation of human bodies, and, moreover, that they can control the biological operations in our bodies from far distances if they so desire. This made me think of people who, while conducting mediumship, have the ability to treat patients with pure water or leaves. What really happens is that the angels treat patients with superior technological equipment from outside of Earth, and the water or leaves are just a way to hide their work.

On the first day of the lunar year in 1992, God channeled and said, “Listen to me, my disciple. I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King, and the Only God. Today is the first day of the New Year, so I have come here to celebrate with all of you.” Then He kept silent and wept much. His emotion passed through me and made me cry heavily. Before leaving, He said one more thing, “But everything will be fine. I shall leave now.” In March of that year, when I was driving my wife and my three-year-old son on a motorbike back to my hometown for an ancestors’ remembrance event, we had a terrible accident. I was seriously injured and nearly died. My wife had minor scratches, but my son was completely intact. A day after that, my son said that he saw a long arm holding him up while he was falling during the accident. From this, I inferred that God is very merciful. Though He had pity for me when He knew the angels would implement my fate with this terrible accident, but He could not help me avoid it or warn me in advance. Doing so would have ruined the route of fate.

I learned that in order to execute the route of fate for humans, angels make some people get into accidents, and simultaneously help others survive them, by means that appear very natural. In fact, these occurrences are carried out through their superior technological equipment. This applies in my son’s case. At the moment of the accident, angels helped my son by using some type of anti-gravity waves that prevented him from falling hard on the ground. Simultaneously, they installed an image file into his brain so that he saw a long arm from the sky lifting him gently. What he saw was not actually a physical arm, but a projection in his own mind. We know that in life there are many tragic accidents that cause fatalities. However, some people in those accidents survive surprisingly unharmed; we call these instances miracles. In fact, these occasions are not incidental. They are due to the help of angels, who conduct their actions in subtle ways so we don’t recognize them and assume that these miracles are just pure luck.

In 1995, after I quit my job, I intended to go to Daklak to buy 10 acres of land for coffee farming. I had prepared everything for the trip and just before heading out, my wife and I prayed to God for advice. He channeled and said, “Tiền đi thì có, tiền về thì không (Though you leave with much money, when you come back you will not have any money left).” We listened to His advice and gave up our plan. As it turned out, one year after that there was a drought. The coffee farm I had intended to buy had a severe lack of water. Moreover, coffee prices dropped significantly. Some people even cut down coffee to plant other food crops.

After that event, I concluded that God and the angels know thoroughly about the structure of the earth, the atmosphere, and the laws of weather. They know what will happen many years in advance. Through that same line of reasoning, I realized that prophets, such as the deity who gave me the numbers, can foretell earthquakes and catastrophes because they have received messages from those who know things in advance and will cause them to happen.

In August 1989, when I was driving and my mind was occupied with plans to earn a living, I suddenly received a revelation from God in one short phrase, “Thất bất, bại tan (No more loss, failure is defeated).” I did not have a chance to react before He finished his words and left. I thought a lot about this message, and at that time I thought He was referring to my business affairs. But when I did not see immediate business success, I decided this was not what He had meant, and then forgot about them. It was not until 2011, when I started to write the book, that He appeared and revealed this phrase again as a reminder, so that I could understand its real meaning, as well as apply it in the arrangement of the puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle. My solution to the puzzle, so to speak, is presented in this book.

I would like to tell you more about my family life. In addition to working as a sailor until 1995, my wife and I ran many other businesses on the side, such as a restaurant, a bread bakery, an ice cream store, a real estate business, seafood growing, a motorbike trade shop, a coffee bar and football brokering. All of these business ventures came up short, so we left Da Nang and moved to Ho Chi Minh to find new opportunities. That was also God’s wish, I later realized. I was not able to find a job and therefore had plenty of free time. I made friends with my old computer day in and day out, killing time by reading news and playing chess online. After a while, I got the idea to write a book to tell the world about my findings and experiences over the years.

At the beginning, I thought the viewpoints that I intended to share in the book were quite new and inflammatory. We prayed to God for ideas. He channeled and said, “Listen to me, my disciple. I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King, and the Only God. Today, I have come to tell you that your life has followed the route I chose for you beforehand. Your intention to write this book is also my wish. It is time for you to fulfill the noble mission of writing the book and announcing it to the whole world. However, this moment is not the right time to start. You have to do research using documents, literature, and news related to the book, including religious scriptures. When appropriate, I will determine the date for you start to write.” I obeyed His words and studied evolutionary theory, intelligent design theory, the big bang theory, human history, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, the Qur’an, Buddhist doctrines, Caodaism history, the Tao TeChing, and many other religious scriptures. I also read documents about spiritual phenomena, mysteries of ancient architecture, UFO, crop circles, and other unexplained phenomena.

After studying for a while, even though I had learned a lot, I still did not have enough confidence in my ability to write this book, because I had not written anything of length in my life. I prayed to God to ask Him to reveal it to me word by word and phrase by phrase, like He did for Muhammad, the prophet and the author of the Qur’an. My prayer was heard by God, and on an evening in lunar March 2011, He appeared and said, “I am your Master and also your Lord. Your wish cannot be fulfilled because of two reasons:

• First, your case is not the same as Muhammad the prophet. He was chosen beforehand to fulfill a mission. Moreover, he is also the last person who will work for Me in that way. You are different. If I tell you word by word what to write, all of your effort since the beginning will be rendered meaningless. In addition, if I reveal to you word by word, you would not completely understand the meaning of what you write. You must understand and write your own words.

• Second, the book will contain many truths that I did not intend to announce to humans. I gave humans many messages and expected someone to find me with the right understanding. I will acknowledge that person as my disciple and I will guide that person to write the book. You are the first to find me in that way. Therefore, you must write this book yourself. From this day on, you are not allowed to deny this responsibility. Your mission is to unravel what you found and complete the book. I promise, in the process of writing the book, I’ll let my son Jesus Christ come to help you on my behalf.”

On the afternoon of lunar June 1, 2011, God revealed to me, “Tonight, everyone in your family needs to be present for my guidance.” That night, once everyone gathered together, God channeled and commanded, “I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King and the Only God. Today I have come to tell you that, besides my first disciple, I will acknowledge 12 more disciples: the wife of the first disciple, the eldest daughter and her husband, the second daughter and her husband, the son, the granddaughter, and cousin of the first disciple, Nguyen Thanh Phong. The rest I will declare later. All of you have duties to help the first disciple fulfill the mission I have assigned him. You must do these things in order to accumulate merit for yourselves. As for the book, it is unnecessary to register it for copyright, as it will not be for profit. You only need to create a website and upload the description to share with everyone in the world.”

On lunar July 1, 2011, God channeled and informed me that I could start writing on lunar July 6 (August 5th 2011). He advised that I should write daily from 10 PM to 2 AM, except Sundays, in order to work most efficiently. He also said that I would have to write three times to be successful. Sure enough, everything He said happened exactly as we were told.

As scheduled, at 10 PM on lunar July 6, I started writing the first draft. I finished the book in a little more than a month. After typing and reading it again, I recognized that I had written poorly, and that many viewpoints were not clearly explained. During this time, I had a dream that I was looking at a new building. I entered the building and saw that most of the interior was in a state of disorder. When I woke up, I knew that this was a message from God to let me know my writing was not good. I trashed it and carefully started writing again from the beginning. Four months later, I finished the second draft. While rereading it, I realized that some viewpoints were still not completely reasonable, and that there were shortcomings. My writing was still very rough. Thus, I decided to start writing for the third time. During the time that I was writing the third draft of the book, I was helped by Jesus Christ many times, as God foretold.

When writing about the origin of the universe, I applied Christian viewpoints and cited biblical words to form arguments that God created the universe. I was afraid to offend the faith traditions of many people. I could not sleep the night after I wrote these viewpoints, nor the night after that. My mind was stuck on the problem and I could not solve it. At 5 AM on the third night, God channeled and said, “I am your Master. I want you to spread your knowledge to all of humankind. However, you must first understand everything by its true nature. I will accept that you cannot write well, but I will not accept when you are wrong, even in one small viewpoint.” About one minute later, Jesus Christ channeled (this was the first time I was contacted by Jesus Christ through revelation). He said, “I am your Jesus Christ. On behalf of my Father, I have come to ask you a question. ‘Do you think life could have existed before the universe was formed, or not?’” I was quite stunned in this quiet space. He continued, “Think about it and find the most reasonable answer yourself.” Jesus Christ’s words helped me determine my viewpoints about the formation of the universe (as presented in chapter 2). After that, I had a peaceful sleep.

When writing about issues related to human origin, I initially did not think that humans evolved from chimpanzees, as theorized by Charles Robert Darwin. I thought God commanded the angels to use their genetic codes to make humans. However, after writing this down, the sleeping problem happened again. The first night, I could not sleep and I knew I was wrong. But due to my preconceptions, even after contemplating for a long time, I couldn’t figure out why I was wrong. On the third night, Jesus Christ appeared and said, “I am your Jesus Christ. I have come to ask you if, in your opinion, there is any difference between my gene structure and human gene structure?” He continued, “You should know that evolution is a necessary process for all development.” With Jesus’ guidance, I was able to develop correct viewpoints about the origin and evolution of humans as presented in the book.

When mentioning religion, I asserted that Buddhist monks’ practices were passive, and not good for overall human development. Again, I was unable to sleep. I knew that I was wrong, but due to a strong prejudice I did not know why.

My prejudice came from events I had witnessed. When I was young, my mom worked far away from home and my brothers and I lived with our grandma. My grandma was 75 years old and had defects on her legs and back pain, making it hard for her to move around. Nevertheless, whether sunny or rainy, my grandma had to go trading vegetables in the market to feed us. There were many monks walking around the town to collect alms, and I often saw my grandma bring them food or give them money. Sometimes I was upset with her for sharing our resources, but she explained that she carried out good deeds to accumulate merits for us. Despite that, I still thought the monks were not good people because they were younger and healthier than my grandma, but instead of working to earn a living, they just waited for people like my grandma to supply them with goods for their religious practice. No matter what people said, my attitude toward monks was difficult to change, because what I had witnessed was engraved in my mind.

Similar to previous times, on the third night, Jesus Christ appeared and asked me, “In your opinion, in the present and future, what is most valuable to humans?” And then He said, “You know the parable of the speck from the New Testament, correct? Before removing the speck from your brother’s eye, you first need to take the plank out of your own eye. Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Moreover, you should know that all knowledge that my Father brought to humans is beneficial.” (The parable of the speck and the log is in the New Testament, in Mathew 7:1–5.) With Jesus Christ’s advice, I recognized that the human soul is the most valuable. An important part of the soul is the spirit, and the spirit creates human personality. The nature of human personality is very difficult to change. Thus, God revealed Buddhism to help humans cultivate their spirit. To become a true Buddhist, one may have to spend several lives practicing renunciation. When these souls reach a certain stage, God will reincarnate them into more advantageous families to have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and later become much more beneficial to society. With the foundation of morality and compassion available in the RPLI (Repository of Previous Lives’ Information), no matter where they work, they will put the interests of everyone else above their own.

I came to recognize that everything God does has meaning. Buddhism has its good aspects, Christianity has its good aspects, and so does Islam. All religions have good things, and all the things that God has brought to humans have given value in each developmental era. Some have timeless value, while others are only valuable and appropriate at one point in time.

In addition the occurrences mentioned above, God and Jesus Christ also sent me messages in my dreams that helped me complete this book.

In fact, while I was writing this book, I did not intend to write about my personal life. This intention changed when I had almost finished the book. On Christmas Eve 2011, which is the first day of lunar December 2011, my family and I prayed to God for guidance, as usual. But this time, God did not appear. Instead, Jesus Christ appeared. This was the first time Jesus Christ came to us by mediumship (on previous times, He revealed to me through the voice in my head). He channeled and commanded, “I am your Jesus Christ. Tonight, all over the world people are singing and honoring my birth, but in reality I was never born on Earth. I actually came to Earth per my Father’s wishes in the body of a man called Jesus at the baptism ceremony on the Jordan River. But today I have come here not for that, I have another important thing of which to inform you. In the final chapter of the book, the first disciple has to tell everything that happened in his life and things related to my Father and Me, so that all people in the world will know. This is the wish of my Father, who is your Master. Thus, the first disciple must take it seriously and make it happen. I am leaving now.”

On New Year’s Eve of the Dragon (2012), all of my family members and I gathered together to pray for God’s guidance. God channeled and said, “I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King, and the Only God. Today, I have come to let my disciples know that this year is very important for the whole world. It is a developmental turning point for humankind, and it is also an important year for all of you. Today, I am letting you know that on lunar July 17 (Sept 2, 2012) you must have the website officially go live. You have to try your best to fulfill this mission to accumulate merits, and I will soon bring you many great things. I go now.” After God had gone, Jesus Christ channeled. He said, “From now on, you need to reclaim your virtue, strengthen your faith in God, and serve Him with your heart. In the near future, God will reward you with many great things. The best way to serve at the moment is to complete all of the tasks related to the book and to spread this ideology to all people in the world. This will help humans speed up the evolutionary process and shorten the time to the final judgment day.” In addition, He advised that my children should only edit my writing style, not the viewpoints in the book, because they are already correct.

More than a month before the website went into operation, while my son-in-law (who is also a disciple of God) and I edited the book section about the appearance of God and the angels, we were stuck. We did not know whether God and the angels first existed at the same time, or if God appeared before the angels. For this reason, we decided not to mention this issue in the book. But God channeled and said, “I am the Supreme Power, the First Deity, the Sacred Body, the Holy King, and the Only God. I always follow your thoughts and actions. I can come to convey information to the first disciple at any time, in any form, and anywhere—you do not always need to pray for me to come. I have come to tell you that I was the first presence in the universe and that I created the angels. I go now.” After God left, we wrote this fact into the book.

Five days after the website launched, just before lunch, God revealed to me and said, “I am your Master. In addition to the issues you’ve written about, I’ll tell you another fact that you should speak out for everyone to know. I lived in the body of Lao Tzu for three years and I wrote the Tao TeChing. I left the remains of Lao Tzu in the desert before returning to Paradise.”

After all that I have experienced, I recognize that faith comes from our spirit. But if faith is not guided by the mind and knowledge, it will become blind. I was not following any religion when I experienced these things. After understanding and having found the truth, I have come to believe in God with certainty, though I am still not following any religion at the moment.

Finally, I want to express my deep gratitude to my beloved wife, who has shared with me all my happiness and misery through the past 30 years, and who has supported me from the first day I began writing this book. Thanks also to my sons, daughters, and son-in law, who enthusiastically supported me and helped me edit and translate this book and create the website.

I am so grateful to all of the readers who have shared with me in this story. The story is just the beginning for the viewpoints and visions that I have expressed in the book “The Great Truth.” In my opinion, these viewpoints and visions are very fundamental to our life, bringing a new understanding about the human origin, the value of religions, the ultimate meaning of life, and what future holds for humanity. Whether my viewpoints and visions are right or wrong, good or bad, whether they have significant values or they are just nonsensical, I urge you to read and judge them for yourself. I am very glad to hear your comments and suggestions.

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