The Role Of Pain Management Clinics

There are different types of pain; emotional and physical pain. Both types, if not properly managed, have been found to have profound effect on any person’s life. Fortunately, pain is currently being considered as a disease in the medical sense. This means that it is manageable if not treatable and therefore no one should be worried about pain disrupting his/her way of life. A person in severe physical pain can seek help from a pain management clinic.

By definition, a pain management clinic is a health facility which focuses on the treatment and management of pain. These facilities are usually staffed with pain management specialists including physicians and medical doctors. These specialists are well trained and have specialized in different methods of pain treatment and management. Considering the diverse nature of pain, these clinics usually use multidisciplinary approach when it comes to evaluation, diagnosis and the treatment of pain.

Who Visits Pain Management Clinics?

Pain management clinics are mostly visited by individuals with chronic pain. These people usually come to these clinics to seek for medical assessment and possible pain management solutions which will help him or her be able to live a full life in spite of the pain.

There are currently a considerable number of pain management clinics which serve anyone with pain problems. However, despite the number of different clinics, pain clinics tend to differ in the treatments they offer and it is important to keep in mind that not all clinics may specialize in all types of pain. This is because sometime a pain management doctor from another pain management clinic may only be available as a consultant at that time. In better staffed clinics, you will be able to find a team of nurses, doctors, therapists, physiotherapists, and psychologists who assist in the coordination of patient pain treatment.

How Pain Management Clinics Treat Pain

When you visit a pain management clinic, expect to find a team of specialists in different types of pain. These specialists usually work as a team, complementing the efforts of each other when treating patients with pain disorders.

Different methods, techniques or approaches are used in the management and treatment of pain. It is only after you have been subjected to comprehensive tests and evaluation by pain management specialist that the right treatment will be prescribed. However, some of the most common methods being used by pain management clinics in treating pain include the use of medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, non-aspirin pain relievers, and non-morphine drugs which you will be given a short term prescription in case your pain is considered as an acute cancer pain. In addition, anti-depressants can also be used and this also depends on the type and intensity of pain.

When treating pain, patients are usually advised that there are cases in which the prescribed medication would not be sufficient. Therefore, the Los Angeles pain management clinic will incorporate other methods like the use of therapy, injections and/or the use of nerve block agents in the course of treatment.

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