The reason of the rusty for the imported NSK Bearings

The reasons for the rusty of the Generating motor bearing such as the SKF Bearings, NSK Bearings and FAG Bearings are complex. Maybe it is the improper handling method for the bearings such as the SKF Bearings, SKF deep groove ball bearing and NSK bearings. On the other hand, the rusty may be caused by the moisture and corrosion caused by the mist. Today, the Chinese famous bearing supplier, which website is , would tell you the reason for the bearing rusty.

From the information of the, we have found that there are four main components of the volatile acid out of the paint which most motor plants have using.

The first is the non-reacting raw acid component of the low-molecular-weight paint such as the anhydrous iso-phthalic and terephthalic acid, anhydrous maleic acid and the fumaric acid.

The second is the acid component which has been generated from the curing paint such as the phenolic modified paint and the processing of formaldehyde water into formic acid.

The third is the heat or oxidation and decomposition of the resulting with the lower fatty acids such as the formic acid and acetic acid.

The acid component generated from the cured paint product in the decomposition of water. The main acid component of insulating paint is formic acid. There is a close relationship between the amounts of formic acid with the degree of corrosion.

As the explain from the engineer of the, the process of the Grease adsorbing into the volatile acidic components of the paint is the main reason for causing the increasing of the acidic component and the corrosion of the SKF deep groove ball bearing and FAG deep groove ball bearing.

The working principle of the grease is to use the layer of grease to separate the ball and the inner and outer raceway. It would use the oil viscosity characteristics to attach to the surface of the ball and the raceway and separated metal interface of the ball with the inner and outer raceways. This kind of situation would reduce the wear and tear of the metal surface and protect the metal from corrosion of air and water. It could also reduce vibration and noise and make the FAG Bearings such as the NSK deep groove ball bearing have smooth rotation.

But after the deterioration of the grease, the viscosity of the grease will change and the separator function and adhesion characteristics of the grease will disappear. This would cause such consequences. First, the acidic components of the insulating paint would direct affect the surface of the metal and cause the corrosion of imported bearings such as the SKF Bearings and NSK Bearings. The second is that it will cause the directly touch between the ball and the inner and outer raceway. – Wuxi Skybright Bearing Co., Ltd is a China based deep groove ball bearing supplier catering to worldwide dealerships in Sweden, German and American based ball bearings. There are many catalogued items and their inventory has access to a high range of ball bearing models. For more information on the available ball bearing types visit or call on 086-0510-83220677.




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