What is a “No” “No” list! A list mobile loan signing agents use to publically debase delinquent customers online. There are two directories commonly used by notaries nationwide, Notary Rotary and 123Notary. Notary Rotary is by far the better platform to use rather than the over optimized 123notary’s website which seems to be geared toward dollars not users. Most of the posts relating to non-payment issues on Notary Rotary or “Not Rot” as some would call it are short and direct. Posts that are generated may or may not be true; however you can deduce the truth through the volume of postings. Will some agents post information that is not fully truthful, of course but the metric to measure accuracy is through the accumulation of customer feedback. Non-payment issues have a way of spinning out of control fast, and some feel that not paying for services rendered could be considered theft. You may see some salty comments due to this fact but the moderator on notary rotary does a good job at monitoring these reckless remarks. To avoid late payments most seasoned signers will check the online directories before accepting new clientele. Some notaries have even created a No No list of their own. This is usually not necessary as online directories are more up to date. To sum this up, research a company’s history before engaging in new business it may save you some time and money in the long run.

Is there a list of good companies to work with! Yes the notary(tacoma notary) rotary also has an extensive list of companies that are rated using a star method. You can view and comment on different companies as well as post privately over the directory. For marketing you can simply copy and paste this list into an excel spreadsheet then insert the list into your Gmail account to solicit your service. If you have never used excel or are not familiar with the program a search on Google for Lynda.com / excel tutorials will give you a quick synopsis of how to create a spreadsheet. The same method can be used to import the list into your email contacts. There are other associations that have company lists including the USMNA, NNA, and 123Notary-(not recommended). The National Notary Association is an excellent resource for notary materials and education. To date the notary rotary seems to be the most cost effective and has a great Google page rank and a marketing team. It seems the group at notary rotary is staying on the leading edge of marketing and we hope the company will remain a staple for notaries in the future.

Getting burned by non-payment can be an emotionally charged experience however if you keep your composure and use debt collection services in lieu of nasty phone calls you will send a message of professionalism and may even have a chance at recovery. Old debts.com has the ability to send collection letters on your behalf for about 38 dollars and this includes the credit reporting service which will ruin their business credit, however not their personal credit. Additionally you can seek injunctive relief through small claims, please consult your district court for procedures or pre – paid legal.

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