The must have features of a Hydrogen Sulphide analyser

There are different types of Hydrogen Sulphide gas analysers in the market. Each of them works in a different way. The most commonly used H2S analyzer used a lead acetate tape to detect the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide.

But, as you might have studied elsewhere, the disadvantage with using a H2S Lead Acetate Tape method is the fact that it reads only H2S and leaves out other harmful sulphur components. But, advanced Lead Acetate H2S Analyzers have up to eight streams that can detect eight types of harmful substances from gas or liquid sample.

While you are looking to buy a hydrogen sulphide analyser, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. The First feature you need to look is simplicity in operations while the next is the presence of advanced features. The following are some of the features that modern paper tape analyzers must have.

• The presence of a Windows Operating System based Graphical User Interface that can be used to control the device. Now, this can be a touch screen that is present on the surface of the device itself or software that can be installed on a computer and then used to operate the device.

• An option to connect the device with a modem. The readings from the device has to be computerized, analyzed and stored in real time. And, without the presence of Internet, that is virtually impossible. So, there must be a provision in the analyzer that lets you upload the output as and when it is displayed straight to the internet.

• A RS232 Modbus communicating interface cord. This cord lets you to plug-in display devices like a Monitor into the analyzer. If you can connect a monitor with the analyzer, you can easily view the results of the test, computer it and analyze the results easily.

• Automatic Calibration feature must also be present. The presence of such a feature reduces the need for human involvement and almost automates the process of H2S analysis.

• The ability to extend inbuilt memory (a memory card slot) must also be present. The inbuilt memory of an analyzer might be low but it the provision for the memory card slot is provided, you can simply plugin a memory card and achieve more results without having to clear space on a regular basis which is a frustrating job.

• Finally, the device must be simple to use and require very little maintenance.

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Author: James