The industry of magnetic snap and handbag hardware needs to be injected into new force

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May 2, 2013-Shenzhen-Today, the customer servicer of the has chatted with one their customer today, when their talking topic has came to the circumstances of the industry of luggage hardware such as the magnetic snap and other handbag hardware lock, the customer service has said that he was helpless. As we all know, in the crow of luggage hardware lock manufacturer, the handbag hardware supplier has always felt the immense stress and crisis feeling. The website is the official site of the famous magnetic snap supplier which name is Foshan Nanhai TAIMIN Hardware & Electronic co., LTD. The products of this company are mainly about magnetic snaps for designers’ purse, handbag and leather making such as the LV handbag lock or magnetic snaps. Their products are mainly face with the high-end handbag manufacturer such as the LV and the Chanel.

With the arrival of the New Year and the new competition, every bag lock manufacturer such as the TAIMIN wants to develop their own sets of several new products and new design. Started from the start of the year to now, the TAIMIN has already started to develop several sets of new case lock products for customers?¯ order. Due to the changing of the market cannot be control by our hand and mind, we have to slow down our own pace for research and development of new products such as the bag lock.

As we could see, the competition is more intense for the entire industry of luggage hardware lock. In order to be able to break through the siege, we regard the sense of smell out into every corner. When the magnetic snap supplier has seen the sign of trouble, we have to make the effect, which is a factor for why plagiarism and imitation for the handbag hardware is very popular.? Although most of the magnetic snap manufacturers are the real imitator, there are always some bag lock manufacturers such as the TAIMIN who are the genuine innovator in this industry.

We all find it is very difficult in this industry. Does not the industry of luggage hardware lock have the enthusiasm? In fact, this conclusion is not entirely right. As we all know, every industry would has his peak and troughs and then the most important factor which would affect the profit and development is the behavior of our people. In order to survive, most of the handbag hardware suppliers are away do the malicious tracking and imitation from their counterparts and they want to overwhelm the other manufacturers with its own advantages. The end result is you pressure me and I pressure you. This situation would makes will make our road become more difficult to walk in the future. So, the industry of handbag hardware needs to be injected with fresh force.

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