The History and Important Uses of Handmade Cloisonne Beads

Cloisonné beads are traditionally designed with leaves and flowers and are used to make beautiful jewelry. Cloisonné as a term is an ancient craft that is/was used for the making of decorative items such as plates, bowls, dishes, statues, religious artifacts, vases, pictures frames, jewelry and so much more. The technique used in the making of handmade cloisonné beads was first developed in the Middle East before spreading to the Byzantine Empire, which is a Greek speaking Roman Empire of the Middle Ages.

How they are made:
Cloisonné is a form of decorating metalwork in which the surface is decorated with raised wire, which is in turn filled in with colored enamel. This ancient form of decoration was more common in China during the Ming Dynasty.
How these beautiful beads are formed:

For the base, just use a plain metal bead.
Fine wire is then used so it will be easy to bend into the desired form and also in order to make the colors intact that the design is made up of. This design as explained earlier is normally of a leaf or flower.
The artists will then work with tweezers, small pliers or any other appropriate tool in the making of these beautiful beads.
For crafting delicate patterns, the artist may make use of Solder, although it can make the enamel bubble and discolor; to avoid this scenario, the base material will be fired with a thin layer of clear enamel first.
After firing it up, the Cloisonné wire will then be glued to the base. A unique type of gum is used for by fusing the wire to the clear enamel. No residue is left behind since the gum will burn off.
The next is to pulverized a colored glass to create a mixture for a type of paste that is water based.
When the water-based paste/Frit dries up, the beads are heated again in an oven in order for the Frit to melt.
The above procedure is then repeated a number of times in order for the coatings to be formed.

Handmade Cloisonne beads not only offer a unique look but are exceptionally beautiful for jewelry making. As a jewelry maker, the hardest part of using these gorgeous beads is finding the right beads and figuring out what exactly your designs will entail. It is important to note that with these beads, especially in terms of jewelry making, you can make anything from earrings, to bracelets and necklaces. The end product will have an interesting look that is bound to turn heads. They come in many beautiful colors and have a shiny finish, which will further glamorize your jewelry pieces.

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