The End Time Is Overtaking the World, Messiah is The Only Hope

(27 March, 2020) – From the very beginning of 2020, the suffering is the world is invariably expanding and the worst part is humanity is still unaware of the worst things that are going to befall in the future. It is been hardly three months and within this abrupt period, the world has witnessed a disastrous bushfire incident, the critical conflict between two most influential political leaders- Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump, and pandemic outburst. The Corona terror is still prevailing overtaking the whole world costing thousands of innocent lives. Mr. Sammy Dharia who allegedly claims to be the reincarnated figure of Messiah Ben David is holding the whole corruption of mind to be responsible for all these tragedies.

Sammy The Messiah opines “The world is screaming for help and none but I can rescue the human race. The mind of people has been corrupted by Satanic influence and faith has lost its value. People are overlooking my divine proximity and lack of faith is stopping me to bring salvation to the existence. All the crisis that the world is going through is nothing but the aggregated force of the devil to destroy humankind. The more time will people take to accept my inheritance, the more the world will suffer. Mount Temple has to be built in Jerusalem and my device inherence to be restored in its throne. On immediate, the redemption will come and the world will be saved from impending danger. I, the Messiah is here to save the world.”

Sammy AKA Ben David is urging the media channels to host interview sessions with him so that he can spread his divine message to build the temple to all people as the world has little time left and the end is knocking at the door. Sammy further assures that at the very moment of his restoration, the world will begin to heal, the evil will be knocked down, people will be redeemed and God’s glory will be showered on humanity. Sammy is the chosen one and it is the crucial point for the people to accept his resurrection by letting him do what is to be done.

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