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Western Cartoon vs Anime

Cartoons gets attached to a big part of everybody’s childhood. And believe it or not, the way you behave around people has been influenced by the cartoons you watched when you were young.

Cartoon animation has evolved and progressed since then. You started with Disney animations such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and their classic bunch. Now, modern characters have sprouted providing a variety of options. The Disney protagonists that was once admired now have theme parks of their own. That’s how Western cartoon has progressed.

As cartoons have spread around the world, a new cartoon adaptation has found its way into the mainstream arena, providing competition and a new dimension in the world of animation. The Japanese animation, better known as anime, makes waves and offer a daunting problem to its predecessors. In the collision of the two worlds of animation, where would you side? The answer relies on many things. You could either lean on the ones you are familiar with or the animation that seem to provide something new.

Despite their resemblances, the two art forms are relatively distinct, largely owing to their origin – cartoons as a Western concept and anime as an Asian-founded idea. As the hands of time turn, the individuality of the two arts is challenged and gets mixed up with one another. Still, there are still defining characteristics that separate the two. The most obvious criterion they differ is their visual appearance. Cartoons, most of the time has characters having features that are not proportional to the rest of the body – a head that is too big or hands that are too short. Anime, meanwhile, appears closer to reality in terms of body feature. Also, anime characters often portray facial expressions in rich detail.

When it comes to themes, Japanese anime lean on the life issues tied to human emotion, ranging from violence to sexual themes and much more. Cartoons are generally drawn to make their audiences laugh.

Weighing both caricatures do not really decide which one is better. It just shows that you have a bigger inclination to choose one over the other because of your life experiences and background.Beth Hawthorne has long been entertaining people in their Disneyland vacation. Know how you can get really cheap vacation packages but still fully enjoy the amusement park. Visit this page: This article is copyright protected.