The Difference Between Residential Home And Care Home

No matter how much we want to personally take care of our sick loved ones, sometimes hiring professional help is the best thing to do. This is because taking care of an individual especially those suffering from physical or mental illness requires time, resources and capabilities. By sending your loved one to a facility that provides quality service, not only can you provide for their needs but also be assured that they are in safe hands. There are many kinds of care facilities to choose from depending on the level of care that your loved one needs.

Services Offered. Residential homes in Surrey is a care facility that offers basic services to elders who can still function and perform their daily needs, but requires guidance and assistance when doing them. They also have professional nurses who can provide medical service aside from the basic services being offered. There are some residential cares that only provide home care services, wherein a professional and trained staff comes in to visit and check on the elderly. On the other hand, nursing home is another type of care facility that provides services for elders who have a difficult time even attending to their own daily needs and require continuous nursing care. In nursing homes you can expect round the clock medical assistance and a high level of need for assistance and guidance.

Cost of Service. Nursing homes are costlier than residential homes since they provide round the clock medical service and constant care of their residents. They are also better equipped to handle residents who have advanced stages of mental illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and emergency situations which are not usually seen in normal situations.

Environment. Nursing homes give off an institutional feel due to their structure being modeled after hospitals. They provide services and activities that focus more on achieving the task rather than what the residents feel they need. On the other hand, residential homes provide a much relaxed and friendlier atmosphere since they can cater to the specialized needs of their residents. They can form recreational activities that would enable residents to have choices and make decisions that would suit their needs.

When choosing a care facility for your loved ones, it is important to consider what type of care they need. If they require basic assistance and minimal guidance, residential homes could be sufficient enough to meet their needs. You must consider what would make them happier and how to ease the transition so that they would not feel abandoned and forgotten.

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