The Dangers of Delaying a Total Hip Arthroplasty

Going through a hip replacement may not be easy for most people, especially since it is a major surgical procedure, health experts say. Orthopedic experts may suggest other treatments such as exercise, walking aids and medication, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, but these methods may only delay the road to surgery and not treat the problem. There may be some alternatives to a total hip replacement, however most orthopedic experts believe that the damaged hip will need to be replaced eventually. Nonetheless, patients are advised not to have the surgery too late.

The total hip replacement surgery may be able to give patients a new hope in managing their hip pain. It may also increase the mobility of men and women who have limitations in movement due to stiffness and pain. There are some people who have experienced restrictions in their daily activities are now able go about their tasks better. For this, much of the patients have experienced an improvement in their lives after having their hips replaced. Still, it is important for patients to set realistic goals and patients need to follow through with their rehabilitation process as it will influence the success of the hip implant.

If people who are experiencing hip joint problems do not have their hip pain treated, the hip might get damaged severely that walking may not be even possible. This will even lead to anxiety and depression among patients because they feel that they are becoming too dependent on others. It is best that the problem is detected early for patients to have more options for treatment and better chance of regaining the functions of their hip. Several orthopedic experts believe that getting the operation early may save the patient from experiencing more pain but delaying may also decrease its effectiveness.

These operations may mean a difference for those who have long been suffering from agonizing pain, on the other hand, not all patients have gained relief from their hip pain after the surgery. Health care providers and patients alike have reported some complications that were observed after the operation to the Food and Drug Administration. Studies are being conducted to evaluate and devise better plan of treatment, techniques and implants in order to improve the conditions of patients. Patients are still hopeful in finding better treatment for their hip pain but those who have experienced problems because of their implant turned to a Biomet lawyer for legal advice.

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