The Coca-Cola Company Searching for their Footing After Weight problems Criticisms

Coca-Cola has moved to head off increasing issues that sugary drinks are contributing to an obesity epidemic by adopting more clear calorie-count labels, promoting diet drinks and renewing a pledge not to sell to kids under 12.

The newest policy is the company’s response to different attacks it has acquired from health professionals and lawmakers. It has to be noted that prior to the announcement last Wednesday, there were a whole lot of complains about the company’s products.

As it is, there are a couple of groups that have addressed their problems, like the investment group, Bernstein. An analyst from this group, Ali Dibadj, has said, “They need to take this head-on given all the pressure they’re facing, certainly from a regulatory perspective and without a doubt from the consumer perspective.”

He said soft drinks sales had fallen in the US as consumers, worried about health issues, “self-regulated” their consumption.” As a marketing strategy to regain their sales, these beverage firms are invading the rising markets of India and China.

Analysts stated Coke and rivals were worried about a crackdown all over the world.

Mr. Dibadj has even stated, “they’re trying to get ahead of it.” The analyst included that there is a very little chance that local communities and government agencies will be behind the companies’ back; this is the key reason why these firms will need extra help from local distribution and local producers for them to get back their revenue.

The soft drink industry was capable to get good news though, no matter how small it may be, by winning against New York’s hard work to ban “supersized” sweetened beverages in the city.

Aside from that, other attempts of putting a tax on soda drinks have been failed.

Marion Nestle, a New York University public health teacher, has also said that “behind the scenes they’re lobbying, they’re fighting every single government attempt to try to limit sales of their products.”

Coke stated it would inspire buyers to adopt much more active lifestyles and use all of the measures in the 200 countries exactly where it runs. With this, the company is featuring their its low-calorie and no-calorie beverages so that their clients can burn much more calories without quitting their love for Coke.

Muhtar Kent, the chief execute of the Coca-Cola company, has dealt with the matter by saying, “There is a place for all of our beverages in a healthy lifestyle.” Moreover, he also stated that the company has no plans of modifying their leading brand or even lowering its sales.

The firm didn’t make a timeline or an estimated price of the initiatives.

Its competitor, PepsiCo, is also encouraging a healthy way of living through its Quaker oatmeal and also Tropicana juice; even so, the brand also restored investment on its flagship products.

Coke stated that almost a quarter of its 3,500 drinks, which includes juices and water, have few or zero calories, but that those choices weren’t widely available in all marketplaces.

Additionally, Mr. Kent has also said that the sales for Diet Coke is just in single digit in China, which is relatively smaller to the sales in the US that will reach approximately 41 percent.

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