The best ways to stay warm while riding a motorcycle

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The winter months are harsh, and sometimes unpredictable. For a safe and comfortable ride you must stay warm with insulation and layers. To start the first and in my opinion the most important are your hands. Your hands control the acceleration, braking, and steering making them the primary manuevering body parts. The best way to keep your hands warm is by wearing gloves and even using a “HotHands” package inside your gloves for extra heat.

The second most important body part to keep warm is your chest. Never ride with your chest exposed in any way. By allowing your chest to become cold, you can have trouble breathing and develop a cold or worse, even pneumonia. The best way to make sure your chest stays warm is a thermal long-sleeved shirt first next to your skin. Next you would wear a heavy, yet form-fitting jacket zipped up completely. This is important because if the heavy jacket does not fit properly, it will catch air inside of it allowing the heat you are producing to escape. Also, you will be more in control of your motorcycle with a form fitting jacket that moves with you, not makes you move.

The third best way to stay warm on a motorcycle is ensuring your feet are warm. Someone once said, “If your feet are warm, you’ll be warm”. Therefore believeing that statement, I would recommend thermal socks with boots that cover your ankles. Your feet are very important in stopping and shifting. If your feet become numb from the cold you may end up dropping your motorcycle, or be unable to slow down or speed up according to traffic. Speaking of traffic, if you feel like this advice is the least of your worries you may want to consider the possibility of an accident happening unexpectedly with a few cars in front of you. This would require you to stop quickly and swiftly. If your feet are numb and stiff, you may injure your foot or ankle while trying to avoid a collision yourself. An accident being unlikely on a relaxing sunday drive, you still must always be prepared to make an evasive manuever. If you feel like your feet are getting too cold, try wiggling your toes, just to make sure you can still feel them.

A pleasurable riding season will be a wonderful memory you can reflect on for years to come. Being proactive on staying warm during winter riding months will ensure your health is not effected by your hobby.

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