The Beauty of Vintage Buttons

Vintage buttons, as the name suggests are old buttons. They are normally ripped of old clothes and they come in a variety of designs. People love keeping them as collector’s items, but they also like using them in their craft projects.

Buttons are fasteners and they not only come in different types but are differentiated by the kind of material used to make them. They can be made out of wood, plastic, metal and even leather. The list of materials that can be used to make buttons is endless. Some of the buttons you will get in this CatID are celluloid buttons, Bakelite buttons, Lucite buttons, vegetable ivory buttons, metal buttons and more. There is such a wide selection to choose from.

Vintage buttons are valued by many people as collector items. People keep them just like they would a valuable painting or even stamps. This is to say that they are of sentimental value to the person storing them. However, apart from collectors’ items, they can also be used as accessories. This is a different use than that of fastening.

Using buttons as fasteners is quite a common idea. However, they can also be used to accessorize lots of things. You can use them on bags, wallets, shoes, hair accessories, pillows, toys and so on. The list of what you can do with these beads is endless. You can also attach them on scrapbooks, or stick them on canvases to make decorative art.

These buttons come in a variety of sizes and shapes. One way of differentiating them is through their holes or points from which they are fixed onto clothing. There are two holed buttons and 4- hole buttons. There are also the ones with shanks that have a loop at the back through which you can attach them to a piece of clothing or any other item you want to use them on.

As you can see vintage buttons are stylish, but they also offer a variety to choose from. There are lots of affordable buttons of this kind in craft shops and antique shops. However, you can’t beat the advantage of purchasing your buttons from online vendors. One reason for this is that they provide you with a wide selection to choose from. The second thing is that online vendors sell these buttons at affordable prices. The last reason is that you get to save time and money by shopping for these buttons online.

Shopping for vintage buttons online is quite convenient. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or workshop as you get to look through the collection of buttons available in different websites and pick the ones you desire. Many of these vendors also deliver any buttons you purchase straight to your doorstep. Therefore, what better way is there to shop for your buttons than to go online?

The author is quite handy with her hands and especially likes to engage in DIY projects to make artistic items. She loves using vintage buttons from to adorn different items such as bags and shoes. She also collects very rare buttons as keepsakes. She enjoys sharing her knowledge in articles such as this one.

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