The application of cell phone jammer would be double-edge sword

Nowadays, the Cell phone jammers are very popular on the internet. However, it can be bought on the Internet and everywhere in the market. Some people would have experience that the cell phone jammers would not only appear in the exam sites but also could be sued in many institutions and companies. Does this casual selling and using behavior legal? The staff of radio management department has told people that the unauthorized sale and using for cell phone jammer is illegal. But the staff has also admitted that it is difficult to determine the time and place for the using of the cell phone jammers. So, the investigation of the using of this equipment would be difficult.

Recently, the reporter has interviewed some the staff of the best manufacturers and sellers for 4g cell phone jammer which website is . In the interviewing, the reporter has asked much more question about the sale and application of cell phone signal jammers. The staff has explained that the principle and theory of the mobile phone jammer is very simple which is to use its own radio wave in special frequency to issue the single of mobile phones. However, the equipments which produced by this principle would have more useful function to people¡¯s life. On the other hand, the abusing using for the cell phone jammer would also have huge badly influence with people¡¯s daily life.

As the cell phone jammer would only have interference with the downlink signal, so this will not affect the use of equipment in the mobile station. On the other hand, it will not affect the normal using of other electronic devices. So, this high-tech equipment would be used for the protection of the business of publicity. The equipments itself has applied the foreign advanced technology which could be used mainly for special needs for domestic security and confidentiality of some small spaces such as private owners, confidential office, negotiation rooms, the flow of vehicles moving political and business dignitaries site and so on. However, this device has been widely used in people¡¯s daily life.

Every coin has two sides, the using of the cell phone jammer would also in accordance with this principle. The normally using such as examination, police station, hospital and school would has optimism influencing. However, the abused using and illegal using for bad purpose would cause bad influence with the society and world. That is why more and more countries have publiched their banned order for the using of car jammer, RF jammer and 3g cell phone jammer.

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