The Al Badie Group Is Revolutionized By the Vice President and CEO of the Group Mr. Khaled Al Badie

Abu Dhabi, (December 23, 2017) – Strong business relationship and hard work of the managerial team always play a major role in ensuring the success of any group.
Now, Al Badie Group (shortly called ABG) is one of the popular names in Abu Dhabi and entire Dubai. This was possible only because of the dedication and relentless contribution made by each and every individual serving the group.

On the chair, ABG has Mr. Mohammed Jo’an Al Badie as the President. Followed by this position, the Vice President position is held by his son, Mr. Khaled Al Badie. These top two personnel in the ABG have contributed a great share to the development of the group to this height.

The president Mr. Mohammed Jo’an Al Badie has rightly transferred his skill and knowledge to the Vice President and CEO of the ABG Mr. Khaled Al Badie. Mr. Khaled has played a major role with this young creative mind to take on the organization to different sectors.

Now, Al Badie Group has many technical and supportive associations and all these happened because of the contributions by the knowledgeable of Mr. Khaled Al Badie the VP and CEO of the group.

About Khaled Al Badie:
The aim of ABG is to strengthen business relations. The group does it with care and it becomes possible because of the knowledge of the VP and CEO Mr. Khaled Al Badie.

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Any company gets to the path of success only because of the hard work of the people involved. This holds true in the case of Al Badie Group.


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