You have always been able to find beautiful pieces of unique handmade jewellery crafted from silver and this is because it is one of the cheaper of the precious metals and does not have the high cost of gold or platinum.

The metals are an easy one to work with and there are many skilled craftsmen throughout the world that produce their own pieces of unique jewellery from this lovely shinny metal. These are able to make stunning pieces of handmade jewellery such as bracelets from thin bands to large cuffs, earrings from small studs to long elegant pair and necklaces from large choker statement pieces to delicate chains with pendants.

The designs that appear in these pieces of unique jewellery are very varied and among the large and diverse collections that are on the market you will find unusual handmade jewellery designs that will suit everyone’s taste. There will be traditional designs and also modern contemporary pieces in these collections and you do not have to go for branded names to find beautiful well crafted pieces because on the contrary the pieces that independent crafts men are making are far superior in style and designs and these can off us unusual and individual designs instead of the mass produced designs of the branded pieces.

These pieces of unique handmade jewellery that have been crafted from these lovely silver metals can be found all over the world and many different cultures create their own traditional designs from this lovely metals. Many of these designs have been passed down through families of craftsmen for centuries and they are still creating these stunning earrings, unusual bracelets, handcrafted jewellery sets and individually crafted necklace in the same designs and with the same tools as their forefathers.

The Thai culture has links with creating beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery and you can find some stunning designs and the pieces that you will find that the Thai craftsmen have produced and the designs are very traditional and reflect their culture and history and many of these traditional designs tell a story.

The Mexicans are also another nation that produces some unique jewellery designs and as with most old cultures the designs have their origins in traditional design but the craftsmen are realising that they are also going to have to make more modern design to compete in the world market but let us hope that these beautiful traditional handmade jewellery designs are not going to disappear.

Today we will find crafts men all over the world that work with this lovely metal creating their own unique jewellery collections either working with the metal on its own or by adding semi-precious stones to the designs. Stunning earrings that they create from twisted pieces of silver. Bracelets that have been crafted with hammered designs and necklaces that have semi-precious stones set in the silver settings. These pieces of handmade jewellery and buying you pieces from these individual craftsmen instead of by mass produced branded designs you will know that you are not going to see anyone else wearing the same designs as yourself.

If you are not able to see what you are looking for I am sure one of these talented craftsmen will be able to make you a piece to suit your needs or they will be able to alter a piece that they have in stock if it does not fit perfectly and this is a service that you cannot receive when purchasing branded goods. Silver is a metal that is never going to date and if looked after it will last you for years and years.

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