Ten Jogging Tips for Men

Jogging regularly is a commitment that people must make to themselves. Lack of exercise may also result in joint diseases like hip problems. The risky hip replacement surgery is one of the most common treatments prescribed for patients with hip problems. Hip replacements became controversial due to the worldwide recall of Stryker hip replacement system over safety issues.

The most vital concept for men to understand before engaging in a jogging program is to have a plan. Men planning for a jogging program, either to complement their other workouts or sports activities or simply as a means to get into shape, should remember to start out slowly and carefully. There are several men who will fit the “runner” stereotype, but more men of all shapes and sizes are discovering the mental and physical power jogging provides for them.

The following are ten basic jogging tips for men, according to fitness experts:

Be sure to stretch your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, hip extensors and even your pectoral muscles before and after you jog.

Choose a pollution-free or less polluted space.

Concentrate on breathing properly.

Consult a doctor if you have health issues before jogging regularly.

Drink water and stay hydrated.

Find the right pace for you.

Jog early in the morning to avoid traffic.

Keep hands and arms relaxed.

Look straight in front of you, not at the ground.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing and the right jogging shoes.

Waking up and jogging early in the morning, requires a lot of motivation. If people can beat the inertia that prevents them waking up early, there will be rich health dividends that they can acquire through jogging. Additionally, if a person jogs regularly, the process of losing weight will be at a steady and healthy rate.

According to medical resources, on an average rate, jogging burns about ten calories per minute. Therefore, if a person follows a 30-minute jogging routine daily, for six days a week, about 1800 calories will be burned in a week. A pound of body fat holds approximately 3500 calories. Thus, if one maintains a jogging routine for a couple of weeks, it is a guarantee that he or she will lose about one pound of body fat, quite steadily. That is, provided that one’s calorie intake is steady and in check, over the two weeks.

Fitness experts recommend the use of heart rate monitor to maintain one’s pulse at an ideal interval. This way, one will be able to feel comfortable when jogging. Additionally, this will also help in maximizing the length of running interval. It is simple to calculate the ideal heart rate for men’s jogging. Once one gets to the optimal heart rate range, monitoring the pulse and measuring the heart rate is all that are needed. Lastly, it is important to check one’s heart rate monitor occasionally in order to ensure that one stays in the ideal range throughout the workout routine.

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