Telematics Talk: On the Trail of the Trailer Tracker

Keeping track of your fleet’s vehicles and loads might not seem like anything to get excited about, but it’s hugely important that haulage companies keep up to date with any developments. Little changes in technology can have big impacts on the business – and missing out can mean falling behind in a big way. Read on to learn about Ctrack’s latest gadget and how it can benefit your operations.

Tracking and Telematics

Both GPS and onboard diagnostics are crucial sources of data for fleet managers. When they work well, you barely notice them. But when they go wrong, they can cause chaos. Ctrack understands this, and the telematics company has worked hard to produce reliable, hardy devices that get the job done. Their latest product takes this to new levels, offering haulage companies a way to reduce stress and increase efficiency.
Reliable and Simple

Firstly, this new battery-powered telematics device is compact, ergonomic and hardy. Its antennae are concealed within its case, making it easier to place anywhere in a vehicle – something made even simpler by the range of different fittings that come with each one. They’re also dustproof and waterproof, able to handle conditions far harsher than they’d face on the average driving job.

Secondly, the products ease data work by sending just one location a day across a secure link. This helps keep the amount of material you have to work with down – a godsend for any fleet manager who’s ever had to sift through reams and reams of information. And haulage companies that need more detail needn’t worry as the devices can be paired with real-time tracking, integrating different products easily and smoothly.

Ctrack’s managing director, Steven Thomas, laid out these benefits clearly, explaining that the company has responded to strong demand from customers for a simple solution – providing ‘added visibility and control over their assets’. He went on to say that the scope for integration offers ‘complete transparency through a single user interface’ – something of a holy grail for beleaguered managers keeping track of logistics.

Sending data just once a day also helps extend battery life, which leads us to perhaps the most impressive thing about Ctrack’s product.

Long-Lasting and Dependable

One of the biggest worries with telematics technology is the chance that it’ll run out of power and you’ll be left without access to the data you need. Ctrack aims to fix that. Their devices use long-life power-management technology, which enables them to last for up to seven years.

This makes them the perfect addition for haulage companies that already use Ctrack’s integrated trailer solution, which uses similar long-life technology and charges through daytime running lights or EBS, ensuring it can always draw power when it needs to.

All in all, Ctrack’s product is one that can help any firm keep up to date and stay in the race.

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