Teen Phone Deals 3G Or 4G?

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Many parents have faced huge phone bills as a result of a teenagers mobile phone. This type of shock bill can be prevented by planning the type of contract you obtain for your teen. This is, of course, dependent upon the requirements of your offspring.
Nowadays, just about all teens possess a mobile phone. The devices are not only used for calls and texts, but also to access the Internet. Many teens make use of tablets on a regular basis, to the point where they no longer make use of desktop computers or laptops. Parents are faced with a dilemma when it comes to choosing a suitable contract for their teens do they go for 3G or 4G mobile broadband and what about the future?
There are a few questions you need answered before you make a decision on the type of mobile phone plan you want to offer your teen.
Questions Before Choosing a Mobile Phone Plan
The first consideration is to determine what your teen will use the phone for. Younger kids generally need it as a method of contacting you if they find themselves in an emergency situation, or for you to contact them. Tweens normally want to contact their friends as well as their family. Teens often want to gain access to social networks and do some web browsing, as well as text or call their friends and family.
Choosing a provider is the next task. Many network providers offer free texts and talk time between customers. This feature could save you some money if you choose the same provider as your teens friends.
The type of phone is an important factor. Most teens will want the latest smartphone. This depends on the usage that your teen will put the phone to and your budget.
The type of contract is important. You can opt for a pay monthly contract or pay as you go. You will have more control if you opt for a pay as you go option. The benefit linked to PAYG is that you will not be faced with a shocking bill come the end of the month. You pay up front for the usage and have control over how much you provide for your teens mobile phone bill.
It is also worth noting that you can get broadband with a free iPod. This can be really handy as you can get the iPod for your kids too and really make their day. The prices for “free gift” deals are always slightly higher than for the bare deal without any “free” extras.
3G or 4G
If you have made the decision to obtain a mobile for your teen and you have all the facts at hand as to why your teen needs the phone, you have to make a decision as to whether you obtain 3G or 4G.
The Difference
The introduction of 3G allowed smartphone users to obtain faster connections. This made mobile video and conferencing possible on mobile devices.
4G has been introduced as a faster way of connecting. It allows for advanced phone functionality which includes high definition video streaming. It makes use of radio waves for sending and receiving data. 3G and 4G rely on networks that cause a division of geographic regions into smaller subsections known as cells. Each of these cells makes use of a certain set of radio frequencies which a particular tower or antenna broadcasts. When the user changes locations, they can stay connected with either 3G or 4G by bouncing broadcasts from another cell. By offering users a broader range of frequencies, it is possible for 4G signals to load more data. This is why 4G is able to offer users more advanced service than 3G.
The narrow bandwidth offered by 3G limits its Internet connectivity abilities. 3G generally offers a data transfer rate of up to 7.2 Mbps, whilst 4G is able to offer up to 60Mbps.
The costs vary greatly between the two types of technology and they vary constantly. You would be best placed to visit a review site such as uSwitch to determine the best available deals, particularly for 3G. 4G access is spreading across the UK and more providers have decided to enter the market.
Although 4G may be more expensive than 3G, the difference in cost is worth the difference in speeds you are able to get. The cheapest plans for 4G service can be had from EE who are the forerunners in this technology in the UK. Other providers, such as Vodafone, O2 and Three also offer the service.
At the moment, the best option may be to look at Three as they are not increasing their charges from 3G to 4G. Before you opt for this service, it is wise to make a comparison and check on coverage and customer service offered by the network provider.
Family Plans
EE have come up with a great idea for families and friends to share mobile contracts. This offers you a method of saving on your existing mobile phone bills. This type of contract has been devised with parents in mind. With this type of plan, you have the facility to connect a maximum of five mobile devices to one bill. This means that you and your family or friends can share the amount of data, texts and call time determined by the type of contract you sign up for.
Bottom Line
If you are considering 3G or 4G for your teen, you have to bear in mind the following:
3G offers massive coverage across the UK, with almost 97% of all residents falling within one of the 3G networks. This is dependent upon the network provider you opt for.
Speeds are advertised as up to 7.2Mbps.
You have the option to obtain long term contracts, one month rolling contracts or pay as you go. This is dependent on the network provider you choose.
You do not have the facility to tether on this network.
At the moment, about 40% of the UK does not have access to 4G. It is said coverage will increase to at least 98% by 2014.
Speeds of up to 60Mbps are being advertised and trials are underway to try and reach 80Mbps.
The facility to tether should be included in your data allowance. You should check your contract for this.
There are several options to obtain a suitable deal for your teen. The choice between 3G and 4G is dependent upon several factors, such as the type of usage and the budget available.

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