Some Causes of Pain from a Sore Male Organ and How to Deal

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Milking Machines Can Be Fun But Beware a Sore Male Organ

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A Sore Male Organ From Male Organ Blisters

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Oooh! Tender, Sore Male Organ: A Few Possible Reasons for It

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Male Organ Stretching Led to a Sore Male Organ: Now What?

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Frequent Self-Pleasuring May Mean a Sore Male Organ

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Male Organ Pump Beginners: Avoid a Sore Male Organ

The male organ pump has been around for decades, one of the early tools designed to help men with tumescence function issues so that they could achieve a hard-on. Even with other advances in this area, the male organ pump is still often recommended f

Ouch! Kidney Stones Can Create a Sore Male Organ

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Is a Sore Male Organ Inevitable with a Self-Pleasuring Marathon?

Many men (and some women) like to take advantage of the fact that May is International Self-pleasuring Month to really “up their game” when it comes to self-pleasuring – even if they may already be self-stimulating quite frequently. Self-pleasuring i

Got Member Pain? Here’s a Guide for When to Call the Doc and When to Just DIY

Member pain may be the worst sort of pain for a man. It can be an aching, throbbing, smelly, hot, angry experience that could have a man baffled as to the cause. Of course, the mind frantically jumps to partner-transmitted infections first, but there