Return loads


The introduction of the country’s first Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London this year has required workers across the haulage industry to adapt quickly. While just reading the name should give you the general idea of what a ULEZs is and how the

If you’ve been following my series of articles about leading truck manufacturers, then you’ll notice that Isuzu is the only non-European company I’ve looked at. The reason for this is that my articles are devoted to manufacturers with a large UK pres

Buying a new lorry is an expensive proposition. As a haulage operator, you need to make sure that your new vehicles can provide maximum output and generate maximum revenues whilst keeping running costs as low as possible. One way of ensuring that you

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has created a new web-based automated digital and analogue tachograph analysis reporting system which is able to provide detailed compliance data to managers at the touch of a button.

Fleet managers are better able

Even the most experienced of HGV drivers find that achieving proper wheel alignments is often a challenge. However, it’s an essential task and has to be done regularly, either before you set off on an assignment or upon your return. Loads of proble

For the long distance lorry driver, being able to adapt to the road rules, regulations and legislation of different countries is an essential part of working cross border haulage jobs. It might be tempting to think that a road is a road is a road, an