The Itching Member: What to Do Now to Stop It

For men, an itchingmember is the worst, because it’s an itch you just can’t scratch in broad daylight. A man’s privates can feel especially itchy, dry or flaky due to a number of common problems. Fortunately, most of these are easily tamed, onc

Seven Tips to Improve Male organ Skin Health

Male organ skin health is something that often gets overlooked. However, a healthy member relies on well-cared-for genital skin. There are several ways to increase male organ health by taking a few easy, common-sense steps to improve the skin, preven

Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 5 Causes of Pain During Urination in Men

It’s fiery, it’s prickly, and it’s downright unbearable – when a man feels pain during urination it’s certain to make him paranoid. Dysuria, fancy doctor-speak for painful urination is the condition that affects the bladder and its nearby p

5 Changes You Can Make Now to Improve Male Organ Health and Function

A healthy member means a healthy bedroom life, and that means taking the right steps to improve male organ health. Fortunately, the most effective steps are (quite literally) in your hands, and making these five changes can benefit not only your manh

Male Organ Sensation Protection: Common Sense Tips

Clearly, there are numerous reasons to practice appropriate male organ health strategies, including the fact that a healthier manhood is likely to simply function on a more acceptable level. Male organ health includes maintaining male organ sensation

Male Organ Odor from Too Much Methionine (What?)

Too many guys have had this happen: They are slyly undressing in front of a new bedmate, and as they get to the big reveal and strip off their underwear, the room is filled with an obscenely strong male organ odor. Rank male organ odor is a common ma

Male Organ Function and Medications That Increase Prolactin

Male organ health and male organ function are often linked, with a healthy manhood usually more likely to have fewer issues with male organ function. However, there can be factors which impede male organ function which come about even when a man is

Smegma Symptoms: A Normal Male Complaint?

The human body is pretty masterful at cleaning itself, isn’t it? Think of all the daily detoxifying processes that happen naturally – the kidneys, bowels, sweat glands, lungs, and liver all work together to rid the body of unpleasant or unhealthy

Swollen, Red Male Organ? Balanitis May be Caused by Bacteria

Monitoring male organ health is important for all men. Often a man will notice that he has developed a rather red male organ, or more specifically that the head of the member has reddened or has red patches around it. This is often a sign of balaniti

The Sauna and the Healthy Male Organ: 5 Key Tips

Staying fit is a worthy goal, as physical exercise improves a man’s health and often makes a difference in his physical appeal to potential partners as well. And after a solid workout at the gym, many men relish the opportunity to spend some down t