From Bway to LA! Talent with Film and Theatre Experience Being Sought For New Movie Musical

LOS ANGELES, JULY 15, 2020 – Independent movie company, Stage Door Films, in collaboration with filmmakers and producers from Los Angeles, New York and South Florida, are set to begin filming for a new movie musical for teens. The project is set to begin casting for multiple teen and adult…

The Role Of Pain Management Clinics

There are different types of pain; emotional and physical pain. Both types, if not properly managed, have been found to have profound effect on any person’s life. Fortunately, pain is currently being considered as a disease in the medical sense. This

Tips On How To Reduce Pain Triggers

Pain can be described in medical terms as a sensation which hurts. Depending on the severity of the pain it may cause agony, distress, discomfort and many other uncomfortable feelings. It may be constant, intermittent or steady. Some pains can be thr

Possible Knee Surgery Complications

A knee injury is considered one of the worst kinds of injuries because of the consequences that it bears. An injured knee can cause loss of mobility and also create a problem in sitting, standing and doing any regular work. Knee injuries are very com