Ouch! Kidney Stones Can Create a Sore Male Organ

A sore male organ is not high on the list of things a guy wants to achieve, but at least sometimes – such as when that soreness is due to overuse in sensual situations – a guy has fun and pleasure engaging in the activities that create the sore male

Living with a Heart Disease, Managing the Problem

Heart disease is one of the most common problems in most developed countries, studies show. In the United States, heart diseases are the number one killer and reasons for disability, according to the National Institutes of Health’s Web site. Health

Rhabdomyolysis, a Problem Among Lipitor Users

Muscle problems have become one of the complications of using Lipitor, health reports say, and rhabdomyolysis is even possible. Rhabdomyolysis is a severe form of myopathy and may lead to renal failure and death if left untreated, according to an art

Lipitor may Help Prevent Alzheimer, Study Shows

Statins like Lipitor are medications that are known to be “lipophilic”, health experts say, and it is one of its characteristics that may help in preventing Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Lipitor was used in a study entitled “Li

Manhood Pain and Kidney Stones: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Many men who have had them claim they produce the most intense pain they’ve ever experienced – and sometimes that translates to serious manhood pain. Yes, kidney stones may not form in the member, but they definitely can have an impact on male or

Member Pain and Tingling Due to Kidney Stones

Most of the time, a male organ is a guy’s best friend – and as such, when the little buddy doesn’t feel well, a guy wants to take steps to get him back in shape. That’s why proper attention to male organ health is on the top of most men’s t