Break Down Language Walls with Laniakea Translation Technology & Join Their Indiegogo Campaign

NEWSDESK, OCTOBER 15, 2020 – Thousands of languages are spoken across the world. But in a world that is increasingly coming together through social media…

Kw Development Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Its All-New Indie Game Called Chronotract

July 30, 2020: KW Development, LLC. has proudly announced that it is releasing an exciting new indie game called Chronotract. Chronotract is a 3-D strategy…

Vertebar Project Seeks Indiegogo Crowdfunding for Their Developmental Needs


(June 30, 2018): Vertebar is a posture device that aims to help keep their spine straight and avoid back pain at all times. It is slated as being the best solution against problems associated with lower back pains. It is a well