10KMusic’s New Track ‘Wrap It Up’ is Now Available On Spotify- Go and Listen The High-Quality Audio for Free!

(July 11, 2020): The composer master 10kmusic has recently launched its fresh track in the album of Rewind The Album. The exclusive release is ‘Wrap it Up’, a whole new latest hip hop song to make the mood for the parties! The song is now available for online streaming on…

Clean Mic Green shares hard-hitting new single Lite Green from upcoming album Green Blooded

Clean Mic Green, also known as Mr Greenonit has just released the first single ‘Lite Green’ from his album ‘Green Blooded’. ‘Lite Green’ is a hard-hitting trap anthem with a hypnotic melody, booming bass and dancing hi-hats. The lyrics ar

Universinaire Passes On Useful Messages To People Through His Dope Music


A soulful music and motivating lyrics can make a song mesmerizing. Such a song will bring great accolades to the singer/songwriter. To bring such soulful music, Universinaire makes dope music.

In addition to having a book and